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Can't access the internet

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I have a home home network set up with 3 pc 3 os's: xp,2kpro,2kserver. My w2kpro computer cannot access the internet. It can share resources internally but ports 80,443 are a no go. I tried swithching nic cards but that didn't work. I belive I might have a trojan or a virus on my machine; here is my log.
Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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While it is always good to scan for viruses and spyware (typically you need to use different programs for each), there is some basic troubleshooting you can do as well.

1. How are you getting to the Internet
2. How are you sharing that Internet connection.
3. Can you ping the IP address of whatever is sharing the connection.
4. Can you ping an external IP address
5. Can you ping an external name.
On the problem computer, double check that the IP addresses for the Gateway and DNS server match those on the other computers.

Usually this is just the internal IP address of the router.

Also, if you can't get to the Internet, and since most viruses are spread through e-mail, the chances of a getting a virus are greatly reduced anyway.
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