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Canon MP560 Printer: How to remove print head?

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hi folks - I saw a very old thread here about my expired printer, the canon MP-series MP560.
but did not describe how to remove the print head - its supposed to be easy but has me baffled and Googling has not helped.
If anyone has 'been there done that' would you pls tell me the mystic secret?

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I had recently helped my neighbor with hers and she probably has the manual. I have the I9900, probably similar
inside as yours but I never had to replace the printhead.
However, I found something that may help you. Look halfway down the page and there's an animation of how to
do it:

Hope this helps!
Terrific! that picture/animation does the trick. I'll give it a shot when I get back to the office.
thanks Irb
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