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Canon A1300 Exclamation Mark in AF Box

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I am trying to take a closeup picture of my car key for an on-line key duplication service. I am using a Canon PowerShot A1300 camera. It is set to Auto mode and flash is turned off. The key is lit from the side to prevent glare and has a sheet of brown cardboard directly behind it.

I can take a clear picture if I hold the camera about 12 inches from the key and without any optical zoom. Pressing the shutter release button halfway gives me a green auto-focus box around the key in the viewfinder along with a warning to hold the camera steady. That gives me a picture with a lot of cardboard and not much key. I don't know if cropping the picture down to just the key will have enough resolution for the duplication service to use.

If I move the camera closer or try to zoom in from 12 inches away, I get a yellow auto-focus box with an exclamation mark instead of a green box and the picture is blurry. Neither the Camera's Getting Started Guide or User Manual mentions what this means or how to prevent it. I've experimented with forcing Macro mode and different autofocus methods without any luck.

Anybody know what the yellow auto-focus box means and what I can do to get a good closeup?
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If your camera is 16 mp you can zoom in by using any photo editing software. Make sure you use a copy of the image and not the original photo.
If your camera is 16 mp you can zoom in by using any photo editing software.
I was doing most of my attempts at 8 MP and may just end up going to 16 MP and using GIMP to crop it.

I'd still like to know what the yellow box and exclamation mark mean.
Have you tried using a tripod when using macro shots and maybe use the timer for less shakes.

Yellow means it cannot focus when you press the shutter button halfway down.
I do have a small tripod, but in this case, I am setting the camera on a hand towel on a table. The key is taped to some cardboard and held at the same height as the center of the lens. I also tried the shutter delay, but I believe the camera may be adjusting the focus before actually taking the picture.
I have not had time to try the 16 MP setting and just cropping the photo.
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