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Cannot uninstall program as install.log file is missing

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I am running Windows XP Home Edition with all the latest updates.

I am trying to uninstall Cubase SL 2.0 from my PC. However, it appears that the install.log file required for the unintall to work is missing. I cannot locate it anywhere on the PC.

I do not have the original installation disks as I have sold the product, hence why I am trying to uninstall it.

So the windows add/remove program will not work, nor does the uninstall.exe file in the progam folder for Cubase.

How can I remove the program successfully? I know I could just delete all the files for it but I assume it will still be in the registry and will not be removed as far as Windows is concerned.

Is it easy to remove it with regedit and then delete the files? (I have never removed programs with regedit before)

Thanks in advance for any help :up:
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As a note, the most likely reason for the LOG file missing, is that you have run a "Cleaning" program.

Many have the LOG extension as one of the file types that they will detect and remove.

Some of these are "just" logfiles and can be removed.

And some are UNinstall files that obviously can't be.
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