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cannot print http documents

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I am using Win98SE/ IE 6 Printer=HP LaserJet 4L ISP=Earthlink
I got a script error - have performed all fixes from MSFT and
your forum. Problem:
Still cannot print http DOCS (i.e. Hotmail) from the file menu -
Win Docs print okay(Excel) no longer get error messages -
print preview produces a blank screen - print nothing.
If I send docs to desktop and print from there - following message
on internet Docs only - Win docs print okay

"Cannot find MSN hotmail URL (or one of its components).Make
sure the path and filename are correct and that all required
libraries are available". DUH

What now?

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Not sure if this will help but did you try to cut and paste to Notepad and print from there. Thgere are certain websites and forums that I can't print from and I can't cut and paste to Word and print but it will work if I cut and paste to Notepad and print from there. Just something to try.
Cowboy: (from Toledo?)
Your suggesion worked just fine. I would still like to print
from the File Menu.
Glad it works for you. I'll try and see if I can find out why we can't print straight from the website and let you know. I just never pursued it when I found I could print from notepad.

BY the way, WELCOME TO TSG!!!!
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