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cannot open my drive in same window in my computer

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Probelem with to open my c,d,e or any drive

wen i try to open my drive its always opne in other window
and i 've checked the folder option for this problem
there is as the default option i mean open in same window
but it cant.its always open in other window
i hope its coz of some virus
and i searched for virus by the help of mcafee but i didnt find any virus in my sys
and i have even formatt my sys but the problem presists.
wht should i do
and i wanna an advise that which antivirus is the best for prevent these kind of virus
help me
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Greetings frezly , Welcome To TSG

FIX: Open each folder in the same window
Try this:

Open Folder Options > File types and select "Folder" > Advanced.

Under "Actions" select "Explore" and set it as the default (it will be highlighted)
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