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"Cannot find server or DNS Error" (For more than a month now!)

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I have been having this problem, for a month now,
My problem-
Everytime I try to log onto Playonline (To play FFXI) Or Everquest, or my email or my email I have to log in more than once!, I have to try 2-5 times before it works!, also, most web pages I try to view wont work, they will require to be refreshed, THEN they will work (You know the "Page cannot be displayed!" And at bottom of screen it says "Cannot find server or DNS Error." I am dying to get this fixed!, It's driving me crazy!, if you know a solution please help

Also this happens with alot of the web pages I type in (I usually visit webpages through Favorites because of this)
I get something liek this as the webpage that comes up:

It all started one day when I came home from school, powered up computer, and internet wasn't working correctly, I then unplugged modem and Router, plugged them back in, and it was working again, but all messed up as it is now

I have tried all of the following
Disk Defragment
Delete Cookies
Clear History
Disk Cleanup
Virus Scan (2 virus scanners)
Spy Ware Scan (2 spy ware scanners)
Delete Internet Files
Un/Replugged Router
Un/Replugged Modem
And More! (Jus can't think right at the moment)
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I am having the exact same problem...this is just driving me nuts.
It started to happen recently..about a week ago...and occurs on IE and firefox browsers.
im on cable modem behind a wireles router, although this computer is wired to the router.

I have tried all spyware. I avoided the problem of getting to occasionally by turning of search feature of IE. but clickingon links the first time gives me the page not found error.

I have also updated the registry as told above.

GAMESTA, how did it go away?? PLEASE pass some of that knowledge or luck my way...driving me insane that i have to keep clicking..multiple times on a link to get to it.


I AM TO THE POINT THAT I WILL PAY SOMEONE who fixes this problem. No, im not rich, but few dollars or lunch money wont hurt someone. :)
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