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Cannot connect to hotmail account

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My daughter has windows 98 SE. She cannot connect to her hotmail account but she can on my computer no problem. All other sights work fine. I have made sure cookies are enabled, checked that ssi are ticked. On internet options I have clicked on content tab then auto complete and clicked on clear forms and clear passwords. The forms box I have left unchecked (same problem if I tick it). Any help please I am really puzzled.
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Are you both using the same ISP?

I have had similar problems while using different ISPs.
No, My daughter uses Freeserve standard connection. I use BT Broadband

You may want to talk to Freeserve and see if they can run a trace on their server for a problem. It was the case in my issue.

If that does not work, then also check the posts under a thread called hotmail... started by isishalo. She has similar issues.
Hey JJohn,
what version of Internet Explorer is your daughter running? I would recommend to download and install IE 5.5 from microsoft, if you already havent. It has the security rating that Hotmail needs to run. I had the same problem. BTW-Dont install IE6, it has a hard time running on any Operating System other than Win XP.

Hope it helps
I/E 6 SP 1 Should work fine now compared to earlier version. ;)
to access hotmail with IE6, privacy must be set to medium or lower, regardless of what cookies you let through if you have privacy set on medium-high or high.

but the cookies that will be stored are from and

you can always try using outlook express to access hotmail.

you can setup a new account in OE and it gives you an option to use hotmail.

Just disable syncronization because it cause problems.

(some things to try)
why am i not able to get to hotmail ?using internet
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