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Cannot Burn in Nero

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Hello everybody.

Since last weekend, everytime I open up Nero and click the CD Write dialog to write the CD, Nero just locks up.

I have restarted several times and it still does this.

I think it's due to me upgrading my DirectX from 9.0 beta to the current version, which I did to try to fix my sound card. The problem still happens with my sound card, and now I cannot burn and I need to do backups and burn some CDs now.

Any ideas?


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Couple of things:

Does nero recognize your burner ?
What does device manager look like ? Any exclamation points ?
Have you tried reinstalling your sound drivers ?
I'd uninstall and re-install Nero, since it appears to have been corrupted by the sound card installation.
Yes, Nero recognizes both my burners (TDK VeloCD and Sony DRU500A)

The only thing in device manager with a yellow "!" next to it is "WAN Miniport (Network Monitor)".

Now I am using Nero 5.5.17 because at the time when that was out and an upgrade was issued, that was the only version I could use with both my DVD burner and CD burner.

So should I try to reinstall that? (I still have the .exe file on my desktop from months ago).

First go to add/remove programs and remove the current one then reinstall from your desktop.
Ahead Nero or Nero burning ROM or anything attributed to Nero is in my Add/Remove programs list except nero express...which I am trying now to see if it works.

if it is nero 6 in xp
go into services and disable imapi cd burning
Burning rom is the one you need to try..
Nero Express and Nero Bruning ROM are just two ways of calling the Nero application, you want to remove all things Nero before the reinstall. :)
The burn didnt freeze in NeroExpress, but the CD came out bad. Like skipping and total bad audio on the last 10 tracks, but it didnt freeze.

No, it's not Nero 6...Nero 5.5.17.

But if I only uninstall Nero Express will Nero Burning Rom be removed as well like we need?

The express and rom are just two paths to the same destination. I use the 5.10.50 without any troubles whatsoever.
As well did you remove all nero from add remove before reinstalling ?
I never removed anything or reinstalled anything because I just wanted to try Nero Express before I did that. I also didnt want to remove Nero Express if it wasnt going to go any good.

The only thing in Add/Remove programs relating to Nero is "NeroVision Express" and that's a video burning program. (seperate app)

Nothing about burning rom or just plain old nero express.

Once again, I'd remove ALL Nero applications and scrub the registry. Then install Nero Burning ROM and see if you still have the issues.
I'm having a similar problem,
the write cd option under file is grayed out and so is the icon,
First question is if the burner is recognizing a free disk in the drive.
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