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Cannot access some certain websites. Plz Help

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the file name is nweipeg.dll, under system32

Norton reported everytime when I opened a new tab in IE. But it cannot do anything to it.

If I opened IE, it said "cannot find 'file:///c:/secure32.html'. Make sure the path or Internet address is correct" after clicking it twice, I was given a blank page. My homepage is I can access it after typing the address again. But dunno what happened. BitDefender reported the "secure32" defected and moved it. >.< I dont know whether it is because of this that it showed that message."cannot find 'file:///c:/secure32.html'

Now, everything sucks. I cannot open lots of websties, even windows update, also, .... They are just totally blank and footage showed that it is "done".

Could anyone help me? Thank you.
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Hi DreamyStarlight, Welcome to TSG!!

I've merged all of your posts into this one thread so please continue to reply here.
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