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Canadian Telemarketers

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I got a call today on my cell phone and answered it and nobody was there. Did a Google on it and found this:

I guess we don't have enough tellemarketers in the US now they are going to strart bombbarding us from Canada.
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Interesting Deke........... I know we have a few Call Centers here that deal strictly with the USA......... I thought they were all incomming though. The bombarding was probably on behalf of an American company......... setting up in Canada where its cheaper to operate........

just speculation on my part...........:D
Originally posted by Schnitzu:
I just saw a news item on CTV about American call centre companies setting up shop in Canada mainly for making calls back into the USA. They are doing this for two reasons: 1) reduced cost of doing business, and 2) to bypass American telemarketing laws.

So, even if the call originates from Canada, it still may be an American organization behind it.
Isnt that sorta what i said??? :confused:

Always good to have backup.........;)
Schnitzu.......... i was just teasin.....:D .........i tend to do that. ;) :D
Originally posted by Mulder:
I'll say!!! :eek:
You love it!!! :p
1 - 4 of 20 Posts
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