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Canadian Telemarketers

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I got a call today on my cell phone and answered it and nobody was there. Did a Google on it and found this:

I guess we don't have enough tellemarketers in the US now they are going to strart bombbarding us from Canada.
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Originally posted by [email protected]:
but on your cell phone???

now thats just bad :(

if tellemarketers start using up my minutes, all hell is gonna break loose i say
I will probably be more careful about checking my caller ID from now on.

The minutes are no problem as I have accumulated over 700 Rollover minutes in just the last 6 months.
Originally posted by iamwhatiseem:
Indiana (that's me!) was one of the earliest in imposing a "no call" list - best thing that happened! We now get, mabye an unsolicited call once every few months - and they don't call back!
I am on that list in Texas but this was to my cell and from Canada.

No protection for that except not answering.
Schnitzu-Thanks for the info. I had heard about that but your explantion and link made it easier to understand

Since I have an external caller ID on my cell I am going to be more cognizant about what appears on it.
Schnitzu-That would work on my home phone but my cell only shows a name if it is stored in my phonebook. So all I get is the number which will be ignored when it has that area code attached.
1 - 5 of 20 Posts
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