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I love my country. I love it when people come here because of the freedoms and possibilities it offers. I hate it when people come here to exploit my country's good intentions and benevolence.

I was upset then American shipped Canadian Arar off to Syria to be tortured. I am even more upset that certain scum can take advantage of Canada's friendliness and openess, become a Canadian citizen then use that citizenship to seek protection for criminal activities commited elsewhere!

If I wrote Canadian Immigration laws any person born elsehwhere then gained citizenship here would have that citizenship revoked if it was abused! :mad:

eral MP calls for charges against Khadrs

Last Updated Fri, 16 Apr 2004 20:17:31

TORONTO - An MP from Scarborough, Ont. is calling for the justice minister to charge the Khadr family under Canada's new anti-terrorism laws.

John Cannis, the Liberal MP for Scarborough Centre, says the family has admitted they supported al-Qaeda and that should be enough.

But Abdurahman Khadr says Canadians should stop trying to have his family kicked out of the country because of mother's support for al-Qaeda values his dead father's connections to terrorism.

"Me and my brother Abdullah, we are the only two people who went to training camps and we didn't do anything… I'm sure [Canadian] intelligence knew we'd been [to the training camps] when we came to Canada… We have never thought of harming Canada, especially me."

But passerby Tim Dunham recognized Khadr. "I recognize that man. He's a terrorist. I mean soldiers are being killed, Americans, Canadians, and we allow this family back into the country [to] enjoy the fruits of this country.

"I mean they haven't blown up the CN tower yet in Canada, well that's great. I mean I believe a decade ago we had the patriarch of this family in prison and he was lobbied for on behalf of [former] prime minister [Jean Chrétien] I mean what's going on. Get them out."

Cannis, who represents the riding where the Khadrs live, feels the same. He wants Justice Minister Irwin Cotler to bring charges against members of the family. He says Bill C-36, Canada's new anti-terrorism laws, allow for such charges.

"If a person commits auto theft there are provisions to be charged. Why did we bring in Bill C-36 [if not] to provide the means to safeguard our society."

Cannis' views directly conflict with what Prime Minister Paul Martin said on Thursday.

Martin said the fact that Canada is once again home to the Khadr family is not a signal that Ottawa is soft on terrorism.

Maha Elsamnah Khadr and her son Karim are Canadian citizens who have been living in Pakistan. Elsamnah told CBC television a few weeks ago her family was befriended by Osama bin Laden. The Khadrs returned to Canada last week. Karim is in need of medical care.

Martin said the Khadrs are Canadian and have a right to their own opinions. He says it is Ottawa's responsibility to protect Canadians and it will do whatever is required.

Legal experts also say charges are unlikely.

Wesley Wark, a history professor at the University of Toronto with an expertise in international relations, says it would be difficult to prove the family helped al-Qaeda.

"I think the government wants to reserve the use of this legislation for the most serious cases and I think they'd have a difficult job putting together a criminal case against the family."

He says it's unlikely Khadr's mother will ever be charged and even more unlikely the government would go after any of the children.

Written by CBC News Online staff

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This is just a political football, Chips. These people didn't do anything or they would have been charged already. I don't like the way they think either but that's no reason to revoke citizenship. Maybe I am being a boy scout. Maybe there are sanctions which should be considered. But that would sure be moving the goal posts. :confused:

Gone but Never Forgotten
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Tipacanoe: I just don't like people that use Canadian generosity without ever trying to be Canadian. I don't want anybody bringing their fight to Canada.

Our country is becoming more american each day
And that's the worse part! :eek: :D

I still spell honour with the "u". I even started a thread in Random last year called "Favourite song lyrics". One smart-*** moderator thought it was funny to remove the "u" from Favourite. I asked him to put it back but never did! :mad:

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Our country is becoming more american each day
He He.............Hope this doesn't HAPPEN. Then you really would be American! (Read the site, it is actually humors.) :D

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pyritechips said:
Tipacanoe: I just don't like people that use Canadian generosity without ever trying to be Canadian. I don't want anybody bringing their fight to Canada.

And that's the worse part! :eek: :D
Curious - We here in Britain have to be seen to demonstrate not just tolerance of, but liking for every other change to the 'cultural fabric' of this nation ... no matter what demands ethnic minorities make, the state makes outward attempts to bend over backwards to be seen accommodating them as an endosement of our 'multicultural' society. You're not British - you're Rastafarian, Wahhabi, Zoroastrian - British.

In some areas of London - people have been castigated by the local / city authorities for flying the Union Jack .... as its seen as a sign of empirical celebration / triumphalism - or even racial prejudice. Yet its perfectly acceptable to fly the flag of Ireland, Ghana, or Pakistan. After all - these people are rightly proud of their culture. :rolleyes:

Sorry - this is Britain - its not a white country ... there are well over 100 nationalities representred here in London, and the majority of those people go out and do a day's work, to support their family. However to be told that you cannot even pay respect to your own culture so as to avoid offending racial sensitivities is not acceptable. No recprocoal provision would be made for me in Lagos, Caracas, or Karachi. Why is it allowed here ? Oh - we have to demonstrate that we embrace them :rolleyes:

Also - muslims protesting the war can legitimately burn the Union Jack - but white British people assembling and burning a symbol of our opponents would be arrested for enciting racial hatred / or conduct likely to lead to a breach of the peace. Very multicultural. :rolleyes:


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Whiteskin said:
Not fair. Thoguh multiculturalism is fine with me. Its better than having racist gangs roaming the streets beating the crap out of minorities.
Not fair ?

There is not a single word in my post above that cannot be proved by simple copy / pasting of Google Search results. The flying of the flag issue ? London Borough of Greenwich - for one. The burning of the flag ? Metrolpolitan Assistant Commissioner gave that answer in a radio interview.

I do not have a single problem with the fact that there are, as I acknowledged above, over 100 nationalities represented in this city. Who cares where they come from - if they pull their weight ... three are more than a few whites born here who are quite content to live off the state, so I welcome anyone who makes a constructive contribution to this country.

As to the comment that 'Its better than racist thugs roaming the streets ...' - what relevance has that ? I was born here, I have lived here, and played my part here. If I want to put up a flag then I should have the right to do so. Furthermore I certainly do not belong to or even tacitly support the BNP. Conversely it is the continual attempts made to surpress British identity that will drive waverers into the arms of the BNP.

That trash have managed to get councillors elected as a result of distorting political reality to suit their purpose. I would be quite happy to jail anyone of them that turned out for a rally.

However I fail to see how Abu Hamza is able to address an assembly and offer faint praise for the 9 / 11 Hijackers, or that fellow clerics are allowed to set up websites calling for and recruiting 'marginalised' muslims to embark on jihad. Abu Hamza came here as an asylum seeker, receives over £1000 per week in state benfits, yet he spits on our country and way of life, and plays his part in trying to subvert this country, and any other that it suits his purpose so to do.

Unfair ? Untrue ? No.

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No, i was unclear. It is unfair that people are being angered by the fact that some british wish to remember their british heritage, and yet immigrants (Recent or not) are encouraged to develop their own culture in britain.

What i meant by the "racist thugs" comment, is that if by having to lose some of your own culture in the sake of tolerance, then that is preferable to racism skyrocketing, which happens when tolerance drops. (See recent string of anti-semetism in Ontario).

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There is a difference between celebrating "heritage" and the kind of "multiculturalism" which concerns RSM. The kind of "multiculturalism" which is prevalent in Britain and of growing concern in Canada is quite simply the kind of thing that leads to civil wars. Fostering a culture open to "heritage" celebration may lead to more tolerance as long as we keep our eye on that which unites us. It is increasingly unclear to me what it is in Canada which unites all of us. Some immigrant populations are openly intolerant of the Judeo-Christian heritage in Canada and its institutions. It's a natural friction. But it will be ironic if the culture of "heritage" celebration fostered by 20th century Canadians leads in the 21st century to the kinds of cruel intolerance and narrow mindedness in our population that exist in many "old" countries and which, let's face it, throughout the world seem to be ingrained, and as RSM points out exists already like a cancer in the UK.

Canada needs leadership in defining this problem and focusing the population toward developing a shared and tolerant Canadian philosophy and regime, rather a "multi-cultural" regime. And we need to develop better mechanisms for dealing with people who misuse our open society and for screening immigrants who show the signs.

Gone but Never Forgotten
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Well put, tipacanoe. It is also a coincidence that highly respected foriegn reporter Joe Schlesinger recently wrote an article on the same subject. I will quote from it and also leave this link:

The message links the fire to the Middle East conflict and threatens more retribution for Israel's actions.
In the past two years, according to the Jewish organization B'nai Brith, anti-Semitic incidents in Canada have doubled. They ranged from the taunting of Jews to bomb threats and vandalism.
But then acts of vandalism against Muslims have also increased since September 11.
But this is Canada, and it's not supposed to happen here. Canada, after all, has been a safe haven for all sorts of people escaping the turmoil of their homelands, Muslims as well as Jews, Serbs as well as Croats, Tutsis and Hutus, Tamils and Sinhalese as well...for all the hostility towards each other that they still harboured, once here, they laid down their arms, and that goes for conflicts far bloodier than the current outbreak of violence between Israelis and Palestinians.
Hutus in Rwanda butchered three quarters of a million Tutsis, and Hutu moderates. Yet, today, they live in Montreal– separate lives, yes, and surely full of resentments and suspicion– but at peace. The same goes for the Tamils and Sinhalese in Canada.
Most of the people who have come have been trying to escape the ethnic conflicts, the killings, the arbitrary violence of their homelands.
The Israeli/Palestinian conflict is different in that the pro-Palestinian communities here in Canada are using an in-your-face strategy on campuses all over Canada and in the media, et cetera., which is I think virtually unparalleled in the history of immigration to Canada,
The last two quotes sums up succintly what I was trying to express in this thread.

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Another 'Cleric' who arrived claiming asylum

LISBON (Reuters) - Several Islamic militant groups are preparing attacks on London, making such a strike unavoidable, a radical Muslim cleric said in an interview published Sunday.

"It's inevitable. Because several (attacks) are being prepared by several groups," Sheikh Omar Bakri Muhammad told Lisbon's Publica magazine from London where he is based.

One "very well organized" group in London calling itself al Qaeda Europe "has a great appeal for young Muslims," he said. "I know that they are ready to launch a big operation."

The firebrand cleric, who has outraged moderate Muslims and non-Muslims alike with his uncompromising views, gave no further details.

Asked if a British Muslim was allowed to carry out a "terrorist attempt" in a foreign country, Muhammad said, "That is another story."

He added: "We don't make a distinction between civilians and non-civilians, innocents and non-innocents. Only between Muslims and unbelievers. And the life of an unbeliever has no value. It has no sanctity."

It was important to see accusations of terrorism in their proper context, he said.

"If we give money to needy women and children, they say they are the families of terrorists. But where do the terrorists come from? Zimbabwe? No. They are people from here. And they are our brothers, the terrorists."

"The British also are terrorists, in Iraq (news - web sites)...Terrorism is the law of the 21st century. It's legitimate."

Sheikh Bakri Muhammad said he had mixed feelings about the possible effect of his comments. "In a certain way I regret that, because the first thing the government will do is deport me, myself and my family," he said.

The Syrian-born cleric heads the al Muhajiroun group, which has praised the September 11, 2001, attacks on the United States and the al Qaeda militant network blamed for them.

He told Publica there were several "freelance" militant groups in Europe, such as al Qaeda London, prepared to launch attacks similar to those carried out by the al Qaeda network.

Four British men and a teen-ager appeared in court in Britain last week charged with plotting a bombing after they were arrested in the country's biggest anti-terror raids since the U.S. attacks on September 11. The men, all of Pakistani origin, were arrested on March 30 in raids which uncovered 1,300 pounds of ammonium nitrate, a fertilizer that can be used in bomb making.

Asked about his comments that he wanted to have the banner of Islam at 10 Downing Street, Muhammad said, "Yes, it's my dream. I believe one day that is going to happen. Because this is my country, I like living here."

"I've been arrested 16 times. And 16 times freed, because they have nothing against me. These are the contradictions of laws made by man. If they believe in democracy, who are they afraid of? Let Omar Bakri benefit from democracy!"

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Canadian Terror: A Tragedy Of Ignorance
Jun 26, 2004
By Mahboob A. Khawaja, Ph.D.

Complicity of Canadian Government to Terrorize Muslim Citizens

North American governments cherishing liberal democratic values were supposed to be opposing terrorism, not inflicting on their own citizens. Across the globe, by virtue of aggressive policy behavior, many democratic regimes are attempting to discard human rights and sabotage the effectiveness of human growth and civilizations. People of knowledge and wisdom must realize that police action and armed assault do not produce peace, social harmony and justice, and for sure, guns and bullets destroy all living things. When people produce products and services, societies and nations grow and prosper. People and markets grow in freedom, not in fear. Canadian intelligence services are using the logic of power, whereas, in democratic Canada, people would prefer an argument based on the power of logic and facts. Being big does not frighten the enlightened masses. When the educated and responsible citizens are mistreated and portrayed as an evil, history calls it the beginning to end of the repressive era. President Harry Truman made a candid observation:

"Once a government is committed to the principle of silencing the voice of opposition, it has only one way to go, and that is down the path of increasingly repressive measures, until it becomes a source of terror to all its citizens and creates a country where everyone lives in fear."

North American citizens of Japanese origin waited half a century to see the official apology for their mistreatment by Canada and America during the 2nd World War. Should the Muslims be treated likewise? History sees nations by their actions, not by their claims. Could we, the people of living conscience, take specific intelligent and proactive steps to reverse the prospective historical blunders?

Facts are known, but the political reasons for the police action are unknown. From all the available factual information, we believe that we were targeted because we are Muslim. The newspapers highlighted the religious and political derogatory in headlines, contents and ultimate motivation. On March 29, the RCMP/CSIS anti-terrorist squad raided my family home in Orleans, Ontario (Canada), in search of "bomb-making" materials but found no evidence to support the accusations or reasons for the search warrant.

A movie style attack with 40 plus masked gunmen accompanying international news media glitz, they smashed the doors, damaged other property, and arrested the family members at gunpoint, all to log in the proper entry data for the new Project Awaken.

"Is your house booby-trapped?" "Where are the explosives?" asked the armed guards. My shaken son could not understand what was going on at that particular moment in time clock? Could it be a rehearsal scene from a violent Hollywood movie? Or may be there is some mix-up in the address that is why the armed squad are pointing guns at me? "Don't move, don't move," shouted the masked men. It must be unreal, thought my daughter, who was horrified and became numb by the masked intruders, who tied her hands behind and asked her to remain silent. My wife went to do grocery, not knowing, our children will not consume it at breakfast and lunch. There will be no time allowed to children to take foods, as this was the new law and order. The lady officers of the invading army picked her up from the store, and younger sons were called out of the classrooms. My wife in Ottawa, frightened and speechless woke me up in Arabia during the early morning hours on March 30, to inform that our house was under police raid. The female escort officer was Corpl. Sherdina; I asked her, what is the problem officer? She replied in cellular phone, "we have house search warrant for bomb-making material." No officer, I said, there must be something wrong, we are not the people in this kind of business. She promised, some senior officer would call me with more information. That did not happen until this day.

Like the violent tornado, they destroyed in minutes, what took us years to build - the human dignity, social well being and living together in a civilized community of educated people. The law enforcement agencies follow the laws written in books for the human society. Legal stipulations are composed of paper and dry ink, do not have mind, heart and consideration on their own, but those who implement it, do. Our experience clearly shows that we were treated like the sub-human citizens living in 21st century Canada. The RCMP/CSIS armed raid was exact replicated action of the American troops behavior against the Iraqi civilians. Recently, Erich Murquardt (" US Prisoner Abuse Scandal", PINR, May 11, 2004), noted:

"arresting authorities entered houses usually after dark, breaking down doors, yelling orders, forcing family members under military guard.further breaking the cabinets.insulting, taking aims with rifles."

But there was no war going on in Orleans (Canada), why did the RCMP/CSIS act like fighting in a war zone? Was this show of Armada force necessary to the public interest? Most of our immediate neighbors were outraged at the massive display of force, 40 plus RCMP armed squad, aiming loaded guns at the ordinary law-abiding citizens, just to implement the house search warrant for 8-10 hours. It defies the logic and necessity. Other voices of reason and concerns were loud and clear throughout the local neighborhood community. The Canadian Government requested Saudi Arabia to arrest me and she helped me to become helpless, and portrayed the academic in strategic studies and Western-Islamic civilizations as an alleged "terrorist" and "bomb-maker" on global TV networks. Those who saw and heard it, must have believed in it. My professional integrity and lifelines were cut into pieces. The Canadian supplied document served as the working charge sheet. It took two weeks of unpleasant captivity to be freed again without charges. The Canadian Government denies it ever asked for my arrest. The available documentary evidence speaks its own language of truth. Does the Canadian Government ever lie? Eric Hoffer must have felt the same sensitivity:

"those in possession of absolute power can not only prophesy and make their prophecies come true, but they can also lie and make their lies come true."

I have asked the Honorable Minister of Justice in Canada, to tell me the reasons for this unwarranted and unjustifiable RCMP raid against my family and human dignity, she has yet to reply. The Canadian Government was supposed to oppose the terrorism, not inflict on us. Some tragedies have no smoke or flames to describe the intensity. Our tragedy is explicitly an outcome of ignorance, misinformation and incompetence on the part of the intelligence police apparatus.

Undoubtedly, the RCMP/CSIS are dismayed; we showed no confusing reaction to their aggressive and inhuman stunt against the law-abiding citizens. We are civilized people, not monkeys to imitate them. Our perspectives articulate logic, truth and integrity as the primary tools for public communication, enabling us to reason the unreason. Their contentions of "terrorism" and "bomb-making" continued to draw hollow laughter in academic circles, and are viewed by informed media as satirical staged soap opera, and their ambiguous explanatory assertions ignored by the well-informed public. With large number of masked gunmen on display, they wanted to make the spectators believe in their charge sheet, linking us to "terrorism", but they failed badly not to find any evidence to support the allegations.

Their failure could be witnessed from the sound of the shackles they put on my son Momin's feet, to show an innocent and intelligent person of high moral and professional integrity, as guilty of something unknown. Interestingly enough, nobody knows including the government, what he is guilty of? To the public eye, a chained Momin Khawaja will portray the image of a threat to society. This image of Muslims is readily available in police warehouses to analyze the merits of Project Awaken as relevant and feasible.

Canadians are well known being softhearted, sporty-spirited, friendly people with an appreciable sense of humor, complemented by their own brand taste of Canadian Molson bear. But when you ask a plain, non-satirical question from the responsible Minister or from the intelligence agencies, they may surprise you with a strange and non-conformant response to confirm the prevalent Peter Principle across the board. Ironically enough, it seems that the elite offenders do generate noticeable attention in the free news media including the political scripted popular CBC Canadian Farce. When the authorities are asked to comment on the public outrage against their unethical behavior toward the citizens, they carefully orchestrate one sentence of non-reactive humor, taking sanctuary in "no comments."

Once Voltaire noted:

"So long as the people do not care to exercise their freedom, those who wish to tyrannize will do so; for tyrants are active and ardent, and will devote themselves in the name of any number of gods, religious and otherwise, to put shackles upon sleeping men."

Mahboob A. Khawaja, Ph.D. is an academic specializes in strategic studies with interests in comparative civilizations, author of Muslims and the West: Quest for Change and Conflict Resolution. Email <[email protected]>

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Canadians have lost confidence in U.S., poll finds
By: The Ottawa Citizen/Jack Aubry on: 04.11.2004 [18:54 ] (346 reads)
Four out of five Canadians agree that it is wrong for any country to push its values on other countries.

OTTAWA — The last four years of the Bush presidency have hugely undermined Canadians' confidence in U.S. leadership, with almost eight of 10 in the country believing that America's foreign policy is indicative of the behaviour of a rogue nation, a new poll shows.

It also found that 85 per cent of Canadians disagree that this country should do what it takes to regain its former international stature. And the poll demonstrates Canadians' differing world view from Americans by placing diseases such as AIDS and SARS ahead of terrorism as a threat to Canada's vital interests.

"These differences complicate life between neighbours. When two countries view their external threats so differently, it can be hard to find common ground," said the report reviewing highlights of the poll.

In fact, Canadians placed terrorism third, behind global warming as a threat, while 26 per cent more Americans rate terrorism as a critical threat.

Distrust of their American neighbours has grown to such an extent north of the 49th parallel, according to the national survey, that almost a majority of Canadians — 48 per cent — believe the U.S. cannot be trusted to treat Canadians fairly.

The poll, released to CanWest News Service, reveals that Canadians' dislike for the American administration is so strong that almost one-third now believe that the U.S. is a force for evil in the world.

That is a majority view among those under the age of 35, indicating that the last four years of President George W. Bush have created a new generation of Canadians who far more resemble Caroline Parrish than Conservative leader Stephen Harper.

Leaping on Bush's election victory, Harper attacked the Liberal government of Prime Minister Paul Martin for recent anti-American statements made by Liberal MPs — which were most notable from Parrish — and his cabinet's preference for Democratic presidential contender John Kerry in the days leading up to Tuesday's U.S. election.

"Obviously, elements of the Liberal party are anti-Bush and anti-American, but the prime minister has got to rein that in and has to use every opportunity to distance himself from that kind of rhetoric," said Harper.

Martin responded during question period that Canadians are not anti-American but rather pro-Canadian and pointed out that Harper had used American media outlets such as the Wall Street Journal to criticize his own country.

The poll was conducted for the Dominion Institute and the Canadian Defence and Foreign Affairs Institute Oct. 21-28 and has a margin of error of 4.38 per cent, 19 times out of 20. The Innovative Research Group Inc., a Toronto-based research firm, was commissioned to survey 500 randomly selected Canadians.

Four out of five Canadians agree that it is wrong for any country to push its values on other countries.

On the other hand, 55 per cent of those polled support promoting the way we treat our aboriginal peoples as an example for the rest of the world.

Canadians are split on the role of military power, with 48 per cent agreeing that power still comes from "the barrel of a gun" — and an equal number disagreeing.

While Canadians' opinion of Americans is hardening, they remain passionate about their role in the larger world, with three out of four saying their country should play an active role in world affairs.

But Rudyard Griffiths, director of the Dominion Institute, says the poll also found "an equally dangerous lassitude about Canada's privileged international position and responsibilities."

A surprising 40 per cent of respondents said Canada should become more like Switzerland and focus on being a great place to live rather than working on international issues.

Four out of five Canadians balked at the idea of cutting back on new health-care and education programs to spend more on the military and diplomacy. And 60 per cent indicated they strongly disagree with any trade-off of domestic priorities for investing and expanding the country's ability to act in world affairs.



by NATHAN Guest on 04.11.2004 [19:14 ]

despite of US next to its south, this is encouraging news that the peoples of Canada are very humble, understandable and intelligent. Canadian also shows the world that "They are a free nation". Now compare with other dogs like Brits, Italian (Romans), and slave nations like Poland, Pakistan, Saudi Aarabai, Kuwait — all blady junk beggers supporting their master terrorist.

sometimes we snap.
by garion Guest on 04.11.2004 [19:26 ]

Like I did yesterday...i'm over 35 and still disagree with the USA!!

by Guest on 04.11.2004 [19:29 ]

in all my travels and meeting people from different countries, i would say canadians are by far the most repsected people on earth arabs, americans and indians are at the bottom of the list thats what i have seen, tell me if i am wrong

I love Canada
by CanadianPeaceWarrior Guest on 04.11.2004 [19:43 ]

Me a Chinese/Vietnamese immigrant who have resided in Canada for 25 years. One word. Awesome! Eh!

speaking of Bush, I'm freaked...
by Seatco Guest on 04.11.2004 [19:51 ]

Someone from Bush's team must cruise here. A few days ago I mentioned how Bush had spent his war capital all up and how he'd have to get more to continue his attacks. Then today I read this in the news:

"WASHINGTON (AP) - A minority president no more, President Bush sketched a second-term agenda Thursday that includes fighting the worldwide war on terror while seeking tax and Social Security reform.

I earned capital in the campaign - political capital - and now I intend to spend it," he said at a news conference 24 hours after securing his second term."

And we can know what Bush's direction will be because according to inside sources Collin Powel intends to quite Bush's team by the end of the year.

I'm Italian but...
by Guest Guest on 04.11.2004 [19:52 ]

I'm italian but i'm against U$A and i'm awating the time when us PM will be hanged in a place!!!

Soon Canada will have millions of new citizens
by Mr Europe Guest on 04.11.2004 [19:52 ]

USA is changing in to a religious "Taleban land". The irony is that Americans used to laugh to Talebans and their religious "commands". Lunatic Christian leaders are not better than lunatic Muslim leaders.

ROTFLMAO! Like we give a rat's behind!
by GunnyHartman Guest on 04.11.2004 [19:58 ]

And we lost confidence in Canuckistan since their limp wristed Pierre Trudeau was in power. You provide virtually nothing to the world except good beer and the Canadarm in the shuttle and oil (retrieved using American designed equipment). You have virtually no military and rely TOTALLY on the protection of America. You are run by clones of the cheese eating surrender monkeys in France. I realize there are a few provinces in western Canuckistan that do not agree with you and have not been corrupted by the socialist bile from Montreal. Soon your entire country will be our 51st state. Of course the French speaking scum will be deported back to euroweenieland.

by OBL Guest on 04.11.2004 [19:59 ]

And I will give Canada number ONE.

- no country would allow seperatist openly run for election and becomes the opositon leader in parliment as I have seen in Canda.
- despite of extreme freedom, the crime rate is one of the lowest in the world. No police nonsense, no guns, no fight.
- one of the country where peoples does not follow American bible like NBC, CNN, CBS garbage.
- CBC = Canadian Broadcasting Corporation provide balance news, and when i watched program "fifth estate" — I was imazed of Canadian's intelligence and honesty. They presented three series uncut films what actual happens when Baghdad was falling. If anyone watch this series, then we must realized that the Markaf-e-Islam reporting is 100% correct. Bottom line, American did not simply walk in to Baghdad. They have left hundreds of their comrade invaders behind inside the graveyard. CANADIANS YOU ARE A GREAT NATION AND KEEP IT THAT WAY.

by unfortunate american Guest on 04.11.2004 [20:03 ]

Unfortunately we are not allowed to watch truth from free press. No cable allowed CBC to broadcast in USA.

bush photo file named *** hole
by picard Guest on 04.11.2004 [20:27 ]

be afraid, Usans, be very afraid…
by eurohippie Guest on 04.11.2004 [20:40 ]

Nov. 4, 2004:

Bush, who has held fewer solo press conferences than any recent president, frequently cut off reporters trying to ask follow-up questions, quipping he could do so "now that I've got the will of the people at my back."

rewind to Dec. 18, 2000:

GOV. GEORGE W. BUSH (R-TX), PRESIDENT-ELECT: I told all four that there were going to be some times where we don't agree with each other. But that's OK. If this were a dictatorship, it'd be a heck of a lot easier, just so long as I'm the dictator.

Hey gunnyfagman
by garion Guest on 04.11.2004 [21:01 ]

We give you more than oil..maybe we should turn off the lights for you guys again on the east coast..your power is ours boy! Maybe the water line to California should be turned off too. softwood tarrifs your cry baby nation has tried to impose on the so-called free trade. The cattle ban, the polluted waters you send to us, thanks! Acid rain is lovely in the fall. Oh....I'm from the west you ******. And I have many friends from Winnipeg to Victoria, so happens they don't dig swine. Maybe the aussies would consider being the 51st..doubt that too!! If we were to need an army, it would be to fight your imperial nation!!

GunnyHartman - you forgot something
by Seatco Guest on 04.11.2004 [21:11 ]

With out Canada all our northern states would have ocean beaches. Also you forgot o mention that with out it we'd have to build a bridge to Alaska. Oh, and we might have to start logging out own national parks instead of theirs.

Tell me one country on this earth
by Guest on 04.11.2004 [21:14 ]

whose people still respect the US. JUST ONE .. Gunny?

To see the difference between Americans and Canadians
by Guest on 04.11.2004 [21:34 ]

Just read the posts by Gunny and his kinds and the canadians on this site. That sums it all

Who cares what that backwards country thinks?
by MOAB DETH Guest on 04.11.2004 [21:38 ]

They wouldn't be able to even have an opinion if the USA did not protect them. They would be slaves of some invading country like germany or japan.. You are all stupid. Thankfully, it doesn't matter. The USAns have voted the righteous Bush back for 4 more years of doing good. Run in fear chickenhawks! The time for evildoer slaying is just beginning! BWAHAHA! I've got lots of guns. Bring the fight back to the USA please! I want to kill some terrorists too! ********, get back to work pumping oil! I need to put some gas in my motorcycle so that I can go on a vacation in my free country!! BWAHAHAHWA skinsacs!

I grew up, one mile from the US/Canada border
by Yacob the peasant Guest on 04.11.2004 [21:41 ]

Canada is a nation, ...Green with envy, and mad as hell, and they have been ever since there was a Canada. American's have never done a god dammed thing to Canadians, and all we get from that ...stupid stinking country... is a bucket full of crap! And a knife in the back. **** every god dammed one of them.

B-52 strike on Canada !!!
by Yacob the peasant Guest on 04.11.2004 [21:43 ]

Bomb those stupid *******s flat !

To Guest at 21.34
by Guest on 04.11.2004 [21:48 ]

Don't know about you but seeing how incredibly stupid and nasty they are gives me more hope than anything else I read these days. These are the mini-Bushs! An empire run by vicious morons and supported by vicious morons can't last .....

by Yacob the peasant Guest on 04.11.2004 [21:49 ]

Canadians . If you Canooks hate USA soo much, why does 20 % of your stupid population move to USA ? God dammed go home ! And take your stupid opinions with you.

Everytime I see a car,,,
by Yacob the peasant Guest on 04.11.2004 [21:51 ]

,,, with a Canadian licence plate, ..I spit on the windshield.

Canadians are relentlessly indoctrinated by their liberal media
by Canadiana Guest on 04.11.2004 [21:52 ]

That is why most Canadians are morons - except for most of Western Canada. Canada's state-run Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) is aired in every nook and cranny of Canada in French, English, and 6 native Indian languages. The state-run CBC is VERY liberal. It is extremely rare to even see or hear a conservative view on the CBC. Even their investigative journalism shows do nothing but look for dirt on the Bush administration. Canadians elected and reelected a barely literate moron like Jean Chretien who embarrassed Canada every time he opened his mouth and talked his drooling gibberish.

The Canadian media spent about 20 seconds investigating the ties between Saddam Hussein and Jean Chretien (France's TotalFinaElf oil company). Yet they think nothing of spending weeks investigating whether Bush missed his medical in 1972 when he was in the Texas Air National Guard (TANG).

The CTV news is nearly as bad. The only one who is semi-fair is Global TV News - which is surprising, since it is owned by the long time Liberal Asper family.

The Fox News Channel is banned in Canada under threat of a $10,000 fine or 6 months in jail. Conservative views in the media are extremely rare in Canada. We only hear liberal views, day after day, it is drummed into our head. That's why there are so many morons in Canada.

Canada's civil liberties are being crushed by the ruling Liberal Party. A couple of weeks ago, a guy was fined $1000 for calling a gay guy a "fifi". The thing is, he didn't call the gay guy a fifi; he told it to a bystander who went and told the gay guy. That's Canada's idea of free speech.

by Guest on 04.11.2004 [21:55 ]

if you send all non Usans home, all that will remain are a handful of educated Usans and millions of morons like yourself. Who will think for you?

Nothing wrong with Canadians….
by NY YANK Guest on 04.11.2004 [22:02 ]

They visit here, shop here, work here, I see more Ontario license plates on cars on a summer’s day than I care to count. I know a few and they act nothing like the ones on this site. Of course I don’t know any Americans that act like the ones on this site either, at least not in my presence. They have their ways, we have ours, no problem.

by Guest on 04.11.2004 [22:04 ]

"Canadians elected and reelected a barely literate moron like Jean Chretien who embarrassed Canada every time he opened his mouth and talked his drooling gibberish." That's funny coming from a USan whose own president can't manage a coherent thought or sentence!

Canada was little more than the...
by Seatco Guest on 04.11.2004 [22:07 ]

...Hudson's Bay Company. Still, when I see them in their native habitat (Canada) the English denizens of that land remind me almost exactly the way the US daily life and manners were back in the 50s and 60s. It makes me nostalgic for the good old days in my childhood, before the US became a total pile of ***-wipe.

I don't know the stats...
by stopwar Guest on 04.11.2004 [22:26 ]

But it seems that a lot of Brits are moving to Canada. Bit cold for my liking, but otherwise can understand why.

In my travels, americans were as loved as israelis
by Guest on 04.11.2004 [22:43 ]

but there was some respect for americans at least because of their dollars. Now that their dollars are like toilet paper, they should receive no respect at all.

Euroweenie understanding of democracy
by eurohippie Guest on 04.11.2004 [22:48 ]

Bush (…) frequently cut off reporters trying to ask follow-up questions, quipping he could do so "now that I've got the will of the people at my back."

in my Eurowinner, sorry, Euroweenie understanding, a democratic president would do just the opposite — if he has got the will of the people, it's his OBLIGATION to answer questions, such as the ones that are put to him in a press conference. Any comments on this thought, namely by the New Bush Worlders? Just please be educated in your answers.

O Canada!
by Warehouse Eyes Guest on 04.11.2004 [23:05 ]

Canada's a fine place. You'll pay a little more for some things, but if you get a heart attack and need a bypass operation, it's free. Americans come here in droves for much cheaper medications. And if you win any kind of lottery-it's tax free. You pay no tax until you start earning interest on your winnings.

Amaizing, you have bible thumpers and simple farmers
by Guest on 04.11.2004 [23:06 ]

who control politics in the USA. Industry, business and higher education in the blue states being trumped by illiterate god fearing ******** in the red states. Imagine one of those Deliverance (the film) hillbillies (who died by the arrow) advising the President about world affairs? Wait a minute! That's what's happening! Time for the blue states to separate from the red states (wasn't it the red states who separated from the blue states 140 years ago?). Let the red states run their own godly affairs without being parasitic on the blue states' productivity. Let the red states fight their own crusades and be revenged accordingly. Call themselves Confederates and restore the Yankee's good name. Why do New Yorkers have to suffer for the agendas brought about by sanctimonious Texans?

I feel proud as a Canadian
by Guest on 04.11.2004 [23:10 ]

every time Canada sends a blizzard towards the USA in winter.

New map of North America (funny!)
by stopwar on 04.11.2004 [23:20 ]

Link to image:

the republicans will be blaming Canada
by Guest on 04.11.2004 [23:34 ]

for influencing the adjoining States into liberalism. The only bright spot for the republicans is conservative Alberta, suffering like Texas from the oil fumes.

by Seele Guest on 04.11.2004 [23:37 ]

I hope more nations will become like canada, switzerland, france etc.
Rejecting any US attemp on getting them into iraq.
The US *******s have to retreat from iraq cause it was all lies.
Like Eminem says in he new track Mosh regarding to president bush -> look in his eyes its all lies ! No WMDs no war, thats it. But the stupid US did not get it. So now what they get is fire from RPGs, IEDs and VIEBs and additional MG fire from the iraqi people. And from the rest of the world the US can also expect to be disrespected and hatred more than ever before. What will finally result in a boycott of US goods and people in europe changing their savings from Dollars to EURO, switzerland francs or the chinese YUAN. Forcing the United Apes of America to collapse also economically !

by Guest on 04.11.2004 [23:41 ]

no USAn access to the Pacific on that map...neat!

I forgot Alaska
by Guest on 04.11.2004 [23:46 ]

there'd still be USAn access to the Pacific via Alaska...but still they'd have to go through Canada...and plus many Alaskans want to break off...haha

by Guest on 04.11.2004 [23:46 ]

Alaska is in the Pacific.

Hilarious Map!!!
by BigBird Guest on 04.11.2004 [23:53 ]

I can't stop laughing!!!

by westcoast Guest on 04.11.2004 [23:57 ]

To US ******** trying to be touchy/feely to Canadian westerners: BUGGER OFF! The last thing we need in another myopic over lording us.

CBC banned in the USA - how to tune in
by BigBird Guest on 05.11.2004 [00:00 ] for the frequencies, including shortwave for those who don't live close to the border. You can also listen to them online. They have great interviews with entertaining Americans. It's not Anti-American by the way. Lately they discussed Americans wanting to move to Canada. It's getting more complicated but if you have an education or some good skills, or maybe half-a-million, you should be able to get in pretty quickly (less than a year). You can always come and hang out but I'm talking about establishing residency, with all it's advantages. If you have a job offer, you might be able to get instant residency by taking advantage of NAFTA (while it lasts). Also, they spoke of Americans trying to renounce their citizenship. Apparently Uncle Sam got them by the balls. They'll have to declare income taxes to the US forever, even if they move out.

Re: who respects the US??
by BigBird Guest on 05.11.2004 [00:02 ]

Why Israhell of course! Who needs Canada? Israel is much better as an ally against the war on terror. HAHA! Keep 'em coming Yacob the Israeli peasant! I love your comments!

No Patriot laws in Canada
by BigBird Guest on 05.11.2004 [00:09 ]

It is illegal for US companies with operations in Canada to send private information on Canadian citizens back to the USA as per a recent ruling. Who has more freedom? Is there any frredom left in the US?

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I would think that one of the reasons that Canadians have lost confidence in U.S., would be when they find out why Iraq is only paying 5 cents a gallon for gasoline. When will the Canadians find out the real reason for the war in Iraq? The Americans are putting themselves further in the hole by subsiding fuel in Iraq.

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