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kind of a longshot, but worth a shot i've seen this fix a few dhcp related problems before:

first go into the registry and export this key:

that way if something goes wrong you can just put it back :)

while still in registry editor, click on hkey_local_machine to highlight it, then 'file', and 'load hive'

open the file %WINDOWS ROOT%\REPAIR\SYSTEM or system.bak

it will ask for a key name so enter a name like "temp" and hit ok. then browse to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\temp\ControlSet001\Services\WinSock2 and export this to the desktop.

right click on the new file on the desktop and choose "open with" and chose notepad. while in notepad, choose "edit" then "replace".
this is case sensitive:
Find What: temp\ControlSet001
Replace With: SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet

save the file, run it and reboot

again, it's kind of a longshot, but shouldn't hurt to try
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