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A number of things can be wrong.
The network interface card may not be installed correctly.
Your computer may not have "obtain an IP address automatically" selected.

When the XP icon says network installed, all that is referring to is that the cable is connected, the cable is good because basic TX and RX transmissions can occure. If you power down the hub or modem, the network connection will then show disconnected.

That message does not tell you anyting more than the physical hardware is connected and working.

I suspect your network interface card is not working correctly. To verify if it is working or not do the following.

There are several things you can do to verify that the NIC is installed correctly.
Go to:
Start, settings, control pannel, system,
Select the "hardware" tab it it is not selected by default.
Select the "Device Manager" button.

Look down the list for "network adapters"
Make sure no question marks or asterisks are at the front of it.
Double click to open,
Double click again to open your network interface card.
Make sure that you get a message, "device is working properly".

If it is installed and working, try the next step.

Go to the working computer and open a command prompt and
for 98 type winipconfig, select the network interface card and write down
all the information.
You will need,
IP address

Then in you XP
Go to start, settings, control pannel, Network Connections,
Once network connections is open, you should see an ICON with 2 displays and a wire connecting the two.

You will need to right click, I mean RIGHT CLICK, and go down to properties and click again.
A new window should open. It should default to the General tab.
In the window should be a list of items. Near the bottom shouls be
"Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)

Again, RIGHT CLICK "Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)"

Select use following IP address instead of obtain IP automatically.
Put in the exact information as the computer that works.
Save the settings. XP will not have to reboot unlike Windows 98.
Make sure the Windows 98 or the other computer is not powered on and try and see it it works.
The first thing to try is to ping the local address.
open a command prompt.
type "ping" where the xs are the IP address you installed manually.
You sould get a response if it works.

reply bla bla bla.

If you get a reply statement and not an error,
then try

"ping" If you get a reply, you are connected to the internet.
If you browser doesn't browse, you have a browser configuration issue.
We will deal with one issue at a time.

If you don't get a reply,
you need to check your settings and make sure your DNS is set up corectly.

There is much more to this but I am trying to make it quick and simple.

Good luck
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