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can not access system restore !!

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The other day I found I was unable to access a couple websites that I have been able to access daily. the address would be in the browser but I would get only a white screen .. as if it froze . I went through adaware and spy bot and hijack this and cleared everything there ...... today I am still unable to access them and find now that I am able to log into but can not access any of their forums ... also I can access a game site I use but unable to access any of the actual games, I thought I would try a system restore point .. however NOW it seems I can not even access my system restore area. it gives me the same blank white screen I get when trying to access my sites .. what do I do ????
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can you do a hijack this again here?..... [recent version 1.99-link below].... lets see if something was missed.
Here's how you might be able to access System restore via command prompt[but first maybe lets try the hijack this- since even using system restore you might be reinserting the same problem unknowingly.

Start the System Restore tool at a command prompt

1. Restart your computer, and then press F8 during the initial startup to start your computer in Safe Mode with a command prompt.

Click Start / Run and type cmd to open a command prompt.

[For additional information about the Safe mode with a command prompt, click the following article number to view the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base: 315222 A description of the Safe mode boot options in Windows XP]

2. Log on to your computer with an administrator account or with an account that has administrator credentials.
3. Type the following command at a command prompt, and then press ENTER:

4. Follow the instructions that appear on the screen to restore your computer to an earlier state.
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