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Can I use Outlook as a kind of network calendar

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Hello Guys.
I have just been posed a question by my Boss.

I work for a small company , we only have like 5 or 6 computers here and 4 full time employees and one 1 day a week student (me) :)
We have a peer to peer type network , no server or anything like that and a net connection , nothing fancy all quite simple stuff.
My boss wondered if it is possible for us to have some kind of a calendar that we can all access from the network and add dates , check appointments in advance etc..
at the moment any appointments are added to individual oulook accounts on individual computers , I was wondering if we can all add/remove items from the outlook calendar on one machine so we know where each of us are at any time.
or is there other software to do the same task , some kind of network calendar?
thanks in advance for any response.
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u need a server, and an exchange server running on it to use Public Calendar to share whatever u want in it.
Ok then that discounts Outlook , is there an alternative to using outlook instead then maybe ??
possible a 3d party software not of i know
If you can't find anything from a third party, you should be able to set something simple up in Excel or Access to accomplish this and share it out.
Did a google search. Try OfficeTalk, looks like it could work for you.
You might also look into a feature called Net Folders in Outlook98/2000. It is suppose to allow you to share without Exchange. Not 100% reliable though, may be suitable for your needs.
Sadly were using Outlook 2002 and it seems as if its a binned feature , that may have been handy too , who knows , thanks for the reply though.
Calendar plus sounds great but I doubt she wants to pay $800 for a calendar :)
hey you never know :)
I didn't look at cost. It sounds a little steep for a calendar. Maybe try the Excel/Access approach.
A few of my customers have been using a program called iCal.

Easy to configure and you can access the calendar from any web browser, even over the Internet so it is very convenient

But it does cost around $400 for a 10 user license.

You can also use Schedule+ from MS. It's a bit dated but works great and is free.
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