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Can I Use Os Cd Sp1a To Repair Damanged Sp2?, Trying to repair XP Home SP2

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I'm having all sorts of problems with my computer (Windows Explorer shutting down, DVD drive not reading blank or used DVD+Rs correctly, etc). Tried to repair using SFC /Scannow but since it says that there are files that are missing or replaced by other files it asks for the SP2 CD- which I don't have since it was an automatic download.

1. Any way to remove SP2? It's not listed in the add/remove programs?
2. If I put in the SP1a CD, will it repair Windows to the SP1A setting WITHOUT causing me to lose all my data?
3. Are there problems with the updates from last week because all the problems started after the seven automatic downloads.
4. Can I download the SP2 somewhere online and run it to correct the problems?
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Why not slipstream SP2 onto that disk, then you won't have any issues.
DO what? How? Sorry, not sure what slipstreaming is and if it will solve my problems. Will the DVD burner actually work?
Started reading, but stopped when I got to Freshly formatted hard drive. I can't lose all my files!!! ANd with my DVD burner not working, I can't back up the files over 20G of pics, not to mention the other files) without going and buying an external hard drive.

Can't I Just "roll back" to SP1a if I put that CD in?
What can I do WITHOUT having to reformat the hard drive and lose everything??
Also, I have no idea where the SP2 is on my hard drive- it doesn't even show up when I go to micsosoft update and view history.
Anyway to just remove SP2 and go back to SP1a??? Didn't have any problems until SP2 downloaded.
EIther I'm too stupid to figure out how to slipstream a CD or my computer is too messed up to do it right. I'm about to throw this freakin machine out the window.

I tried following these directions to make the CD.

Made the folders.
Skipped the optional deploy thing because I wasn't sure if I needed the SP1a or SP2 one.
Skipped the Support Tools one as well.
Copied the service pack into the folder, but START, RUN kept saying it could locate the file. Went into the folder and tried running it that way, but the folder froze up and WIndows died.

I give up!!!! Is there an easy way to fix this. I'm about to just stick in the SP1a disk and run it and see what happens.
Try AutoStreamer . . is simplifies the slipstreaming process significantly
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