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Can I get 2 Audio outputs with on-board sound?

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Hi and thanks in advance!

I have been slaving over this for a few days now and still cannot wrap my head around it, so I was hoping someone on these forums could help me out overnight.

System Information

Audio Setup

AT2020 Microphone > Phantom Power Supply > Rear Mic In (PC) > Adobe Audition > Rear Audio Out > Mixer XLR In (1)

PC Audio > Front Audio Out > Mixer 1/4 Jack In (5/6)

Mixer Output > Front Mic In (PC)


I have the Realtek HD Audio Manager for the ASUS motherboard.

I can separate the Mic In devices, but the Audio Out devices will not separate.

Is there are way to separate the Audio Out devices or will me installing a separate Sound Card ( allow for me to have the following run at the same time:
  • 1 x Audio Out - MOBO on-board sound
  • 1 x Audio Out - Sound Card

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If I'm understanding your question correctly something like this could work.

or Virtual Audio Cables(but it's not free)
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What are you trying to separate? Windows treats the majority of audio as "default", so items like Windows sounds, browser audio, etc. all get lumped into the same output. The only audio that you can actually separate, would be audio from a media player and that is done in the media player configuration (most provide an option to select the output). So you can have Windows audio output on one port and the media player audio output a different port. You don't necessarily need a sound card for that unless the onboard audio doesn't have multiple output ports.
This was solved by installing a sound card, so now I can use both MOBO sound and the sound card at the same time.

Thanks guys :)
How about one of those 'usb sound card' (whateverucallem) plugin units. They have 1/8th" in & out plugs. And work fine whether theres a sound card/onboard sound present.
Dont know about their sounds quality tho, , ,
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