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I've had my HI-DEF TV for about a month now and I've upgraded my cable package to include HI-DEF. This upgrade enables me to access a bunch of new channels whose names all begin with the letters "HD" and would seem to be the HI-DEF versions of most channels that were previously available as ordinary TV channels.

I should make it clear up front that the quality of the viewable images on my TV is just fabulous. Regardless of what station I'm watching, most every station seems to come through with wonderful, stunning, amazingly clear and brilliant images. I have no complaints at all about the quality of the pictures. Some older movies and other broadcasts that have always been terrible, continue to be terrible. But most every other station - including both the "ordinary" stations and the "HI-DEF" stations are just fabulous. My problem is that I just can't understand a few things that are going on.

My cable TV package (before the HI-DEF upgrade) has always included something called TMN (The Movie Network) which includes five movie channels which run newish-type movies 24 hours per day. When I upgraded to HI-DEF, I was also able to access a bunch of other channels which are supposedly HI-DEF. One of these is a channel called TMNHD (The Movie Network - HI-DEF). This channel is almost always simultaneously running a movie that is being run on one of the five movie channels. At first glance, you would expect that the movie being shown on TMNHD is the HI-DEF version of the movie that is being shown on one of the five movie channels. That is what I expected. But, try as I might, I have never been able to tell any difference between the quality of the movies on the TMNHD channel as compared to any of those on the ordinary TMN channels. The one thing that I found interesting and you may also find interesting is that the amount of space required to record (to save to the hard drive of my PVR) a movie shown on TMNHD is about ten times more than that required to record any of the movie channels.

Even more puzzling, they have a bunch of channels with names like HDABC, HDNBC, HDCBS, HDPBS and HDFOX. In other words, they seem to have a HI-DEF version of most channels that were previously available as my ordinary TV channels. Some channels, like A&E are not available and you have to pay extra to get them. I'm experiencing the same thing with the quality of my signals when comparing, say, my ABC station with HDABC or my CBS station with HDCBS. The quality of the images are indistinguishable (at least to my eyes) but the space required to store the contents from the "HD" channels are about ten times more than those required by the ordinary channels.

Any help to understand what's going on would be most appreciated.
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