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I've had a Sony Hi8 camcorder since the early 90s. So I have collected over 30 Hi8 tapes, I'm trying to convert on the computer. Actually I have already converted them last year to the computer but now I'm trying to do them again but with FireWire. As we all know Hi8 is technically an analog tape but I used a pretty good converter to convert it in USB3 with MPEG-4. I did not like the results because I collected all those 62 hours in 640x480 with 15 frames per sec. So now I have bought a Sony TRV310 which does 8 mm, Hi8, and digital-8 with FireWire.
I have installed the FireWire card in the computer and plug the camcorder into the FireWire and it detected under the device in settings with Windows 10 but I cannot do anything with it. So I was smart enough to copy the shortcut to the desktop of the little picture of the camcorder so it knows it is a Sony camcorder in the FireWire connection. However, once you turn off the camcorder it says the device is no longer available and the FireWire doesn't work. When you turn the unit back on it still does not detect the FireWire. I know this from my old cable modem days doing software that in the registry the device is actually stored and can remember that it was once plugged up. So I moved the camcorder to another FireWire port and sure enough it acted as if it was a new device and showed me the device again for one time. Then once again I unplugged the FireWire port it no longer saw my device again.

So I'm trying to find out do I need special drivers for this FireWire running Windows 10 or does anyone know? The Hi8 tapes which are analog can be read by FireWire? I thought I read from somewhere someone said the only the digital-8 will be transferred. I am new to this FireWire world. So it looks like I have the basic FireWire driver working but now I need to figure out if I need drivers for the programs.

I am using "debut professional" by NCH software. It does a great job of screen capture and device capture at 30 Hz.

Some more information: I am running Windows 10, 24G, W3690 Xeon 3 1/2 GHz hex processor

Thank you for any help.
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Check to see if there are any updates for your firewire card.
Thanks for the feedback that was a good tip. But I did check and I am running the latest drivers for the FireWire and that card.
Sometimes the newer updates will cause problems. If that happens to me I just roll back to the one that worked well.
Might be an issue with Windows 10.

FYI: I am using the 500-USB and it works well on my W10 computer (and this box is quite old).
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