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Ok here is the scenario
Windows XP machine
Cannot access the internet through IE6 Shortcut
User gets Iexplore.exe cannot be found

from RUN C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe
Could not run...... XP could not find Iexplore.exe

We did a search for iexplore.exe file was not found
Open Windows Explorer there is no Internet Explorer Folder in C:\Program Files....

Now, User can get to internet using control panel but cannot use links
User has to type in the url...user cannot use any links
Since there is no IE at all
emailed user link to Microsoft to install IE 6 service pack1
User typed in Url...and successfully was taken to Page
WHen user attempted to install IE6sp1 message came up saying that newer version of IE was discovered on system and then it closes

ANy help??? Suggestions???
I am thinking virus
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