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This may have been covered prior but it's worth repeating.

Be carefull to route your ribbon cables etc or don't distrube their placement, if correct, when you visit the inside of your tower etc.
Ck your manuals,mobo etc, for any cautions in this regards!
If not, you could end up with very difficult fault diagnostics that only a trained eye would catch.

If you replace ribbon cable or move things around for vac cleaning etc., make sure the routing is per mfg cautiions so as to avoid interference, emissions and heat buildup on a given item that can impart havoc with the system.

I've read that even tying up ribbon cable like the christmas ribbon candy could cause subtle or even very obivous but misdiagnosed
You might even want to ck behind a service tech or ? that's gone in there for service just to be sure! [refering to the manual of course]

Remember the suggestion RY[ ]M! Good advice!
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