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cab files vs whole cd

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seasonal housecleaning and finally getting around to putting the cab files on the hdd

Q: is it just the cab files or the whole cd that i should copy?
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hmmm?? good question

I, however, don't have an answer
I'd put the whole CD down. If space is a problem on your 10 GB drive, put the contents of the directory on the CD that contains the *.cab files on your HD. There are some *.inf files things will want mixed in there with them. Better safe then sorry.

Installing source files to your HD is an excellent idea overall.
All you need to copy is the Win98 folder....assuming that you are running Win98.
that's what i thought i remembered from somewhere, but couldn't seem to find it in a search

don't need the drivers folder though?

space not a problem (yet - lol) but the whole cd is 630mb versus 170mb for w98 folder, 100mb for the drivers folder

thanks all
Nope the drivers are in there too. Change your setup location for your source files in the registry too and you'll never have to type the path either. Change the SourcePath entry from D:\win98 to C:\Win98 in this registry key:

thanks Rockn

i'd be happy to split the 100Mb hdd space savings (by not storing the redundant drivers folder) with you
- just let me know where to send your half :)
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