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buyamac said:
Then you wont have all these problems.............
Welcome to TSG....

I have a Compaq PC with Windows XP Pro and have no problems at all with it. But the question is as shown above What problems = Then you wont have all these problems............. = please lsit the problems?

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I've had plenty of problems with macs. you can mess one of them up just as well you can a pc. except the whole virus thing, which is nice. But I still prefer using PCs because they are far more customizable so you can pack a ton of power into them, usually for less money.

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I have both an iMac G5 (Version 10.4 Tiger, 250GB HDD, 2.1ghz g5, 1.5GB DDR2 PC24200, Geforce 6600 128mb) and an AMD Dual Core (ASUS M2N5-SLI MB, 2.2Ghz per core 4200+, 2GB DDR2 PC6400, 250GB SATA HDD, Dual Geforce 7600GT 256MB gcards SLI) and I find that although windows is used for a lot more, the Macintosh operating system is more robust and "user friendly" (aka. idiot-proof). Nevertheless I find myself on my Windows computer much more often, this is obviously because there is five times more every day usage for XP (Gaming, Videos, Music, relatively universal comptatability with almost any application) than there is with Mac. Windows has done a great job at marketing their product and getting large businesses, such as the companies found in the gaming industry, to get onboard with their operating system, whereas in its earlier days, Apple Computers (now Apple Inc) did much less advertisements and spent much more time developing their product. Here are some pros and cons of each system:

Windows Pros:
Popular Programs
The overwhelming majority of cooperate-developed software is made primarily for XP (ex. AOL, AIM, Ventrilo & Teamspeaks, Valve's Steam), of course this is only a fraction of a fraction of how much is mainly supported on windows.

User Friendly Applications-
You dont need to know much about anything pertaining to computers to get online and get started, everything is a click away and there are hardly any features for common use that arent built into the system. (Mail Client, Internet Explorer, MSN Messenger etc.)

Most Known-
Windows XP is usable by almost anyone, there arent many people on this earth who havent spent more hours than they can count using it, and therefore it is the most familiar.

It is very easy to upgrade anything from your CPU to your GPU, over time you could end up with a much better computer than what you started out with, and its all much cheaper as well!

Confusing File System-
It is very hard to find your way to files and folders in windows, and the search option is very slow and uneffective if you havent had experience with it.

Crap Buildup-
Over time windows builds up useless files of uninstalled applications and other things found in the registry, Cookies and elsewhere. Although this is fixable by using CCleaner or a Registry Cleaner on a regular basis its another thing you could do without.

Virus/Spyware Vulnerability-
Windows' "Curse" if you will. XP and older versions are very susceptible to a plethora of viruses and spyware or adware infections, there are an uncountable number of these types of files found online which can be downloaded and forced onto your computer with the click of a button, and they're a real ***** to get rid of once they're on.

More Crashes and System Failures-
Windows is not exactly "fool proof" and a lot of processes and tasks rely on a lot of other processes and tasks, so if you have one failure you likely to have others, plus it is very easy to change things your not supposed to in service manager or just in the control panel so anyone who does not know what their doing might be facing a restore or a reinstall. Personally ive had to reinstall XP several times, but never once have i had to reinstall OSX

Macintosh Pros:
Easily Navigatable-
The File System is very organized and easy to move around in, most of your personal files are organized and accesible all in one window and administration of one account through another is quite simple and secure.

No Viruses-
There are relatively no viruses out there written for Macintosh, this is their "trump card" in a way since many mac fans bring it up at every possible time they can (but it truly is liberating to exerience).

Artistic Applications-
A lot of applications related to the art industry are made primarily for Macintosh, such as the Adobe Suite (Graphic Design) and Final Cut Pro (Professional Film Editing). In other words you can be much more creative with these applications at hand (for about $500 or bit torrent ;D). The windows versions are often just created for the home user interested in such but without a Macintosh computer and are rarely ever used for professional work.

Quality Parts-
Although unreasonably expensive I find that PC's on par with my iMacs specs such as the P4's (2ghz 2GB RAM 100GB HDD--like the ones found at my school) run much slower then their apple counterparts. This is because when you but a product like the iMac G5, your buying ECC DDR2 Buffered RAM where in a common P4 runs non-ECC DDR unbuffered RAM and the HDD's in iMacs and other Unix Based OS's computers are SCSI (50-pin) and run much faster then the normal IDE in a PC. So as overpriced as they are your not exactly getting a piece of junk, and although they specs might seem not so good at a glance, a further look and you see that Apple computers in their parts are above standards.

Efficient OS-
Mac is pretty bare at startup, you don't need to wait long before its ready to go 100 percent, but in windows i find that over time applications launch small services onto the RAM which cumulatively takes up space and takes a while to setup at startup. Also ive never had a crash with the Macintosh system besides one time when i stopped the windows server by accident and once when the hard drive skipped! Another thing to consider is how clean mac keeps itself, and that when you want to uninstall a program you dont need a uninstaller, and anything you forget mac cleans up for you.

One of Macs big letdowns is the fact that while the comon iMac g5 runs for around $1300, a similar P4 will run at about $500 if even that!

Sleek Design Not Very Efficient-
Although mac tries to look cool and trendy with its "towers" (if you even call them that), For both cooling and repairing needs, they absolutely suck. All I'm going to say is that it isn't exactly wise to run a Intel Core Duo in an iMac with a ventilation slit about the same dimensions as a piece of paper lengthwise with one vent fan to cool it all down, especially when that motherboard is pressed up right against the back of the monitor (although i haven't heard any horror stories so w/e post them if you have).

To but it bluntly, Mac has blizzard games....and thats it...nothing else.

New to Many-
Macintosh is very new to many people and to learn how to use a completely different operating system is illogical and unreasonable in most situations since the most that people do is check their mail and read the news, you don't need a 1300 dollar computer for that kind of stuff.

Final Notes: Overall i would say that although I am fond of both operating systems, if they had the same gaming support for Mac that they do for XP, there would be a lot more people on the mac train i can gurantee. In closing, I like to put it this way: windows XP is made by the things around it while the system is the thing that needs work on, and Mac OSX is made by the actual system and the thing that needs work on is the support and programs.

Any thoughts or critisizms? something I left out? Am I being a prick?
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