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Burning photos to a CD

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I am using Windows XP and have burned music CD's. When I attempt to copy photos from My Pictures, I get to the last step and the message comes up D drive is not accessible. :confused: Do I need to have different software or what?
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What software are you using? the D: drive the one that is assigned to your CD writer? Just want to make sure...
OK I think I have solved my problem. The error message came up while trying to make a CD via Windows/Explorer. I was trying everything. And yes the D: drive is my CD drive. This morning I brought up the Roxio and the problem I had there is I couldn't access My Pictures. I clicked through everything and finally after clicking Documents & Settings, Patekakes, My Documents and then it came up "My Pictures".

So I just successfully created a CD of photos. I'm not sure why when I bring up the Roxio program and then under the C: drive it doesn't list My Pictures. It has My Games and My Music and everything else. Is there a way to create a folder for My Pictures to come up by itself under the C: drive without having to go through all those steps to get to My Pictures? Thanks for you help...Pat
heck yeah - you can put your files wherever you want!
click on c: drive, select File - New - Folder
call it Patekakes Photos
Now you will have a C:\Patekakes Photos folder to put them in.
Or right click on your desktop: select New - Folder
name the folder whatever; now you can find your stuff by clicking on that folder on your desktop
Boring technical explanation: when you try to find your pictures through roxio they are not simply in C:\My Pictures, the actual path to find them is C:\Documents and Settings\[user name]\My Documents\My Pictures
a bit cumbersome, eh?
Oh Heck,

Thanks for your reply. I followed your steps and now have my new folder easily accessible to my Roxio software. I've burned a CD of photos thanks to TechGuy help. Thanks again...Pat
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