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BT Broadband SetUp (ADSL Modem + Router)

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Have been a happy BT Yahoo! Broadband user, with my NetGear DM602.

I now want to add a wireless laptop connection and, to prepare, I have bought a D-Link DI-624+ Router to add into the system.

I have tried re-setting my modem to work in 'modem mode', but whenever I run the Router 'setup wizard', the system will not work.

The Router Internet Options are:

* Dynamic IP Address;
* Static IP Address:
* PPPoE;

I have tried all 4 options, but I am pretty sure I should be using the Dynamic IP Address option.

I am rather hopeless on such matters, but hopefully someone out there has got these 2 bits of kit to work alongside each other.

Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

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many thanks Coulterp.

Going out now (families!), but will get onto this (and report back) tomorrow.
sorry fellas, for the delay.

You need to realise that I'm just an ordinary, non-technical punter; out of necessity, I know how to find & change an IP address, but I'm pretty much bluffing at that stage, never mind beyond. But I can follow clear instructions, in to follow English ('back end', 'front end' ? I guess this means LAN and WAN or visa versa).

Anyway, I have pretty much given up on this; and will probably just go out and buy a combined ADSL Wireless Router. Any recommendations? (I can probably just take my D-Link DI 624+ back for a refund).

It could well just be me being thick / stupid, but I simply can not manage to configure both devices at the same time:

* I have tried changing the IP address of each device, keeping one on, but I can never then configure the modem; I can only configure the modem when I strip the D-Link out again;

* In concept, I think I SHOULD be able to continue to use my existing Modem in router mode and, as you mentioned, continue to use it as the DHCP Server; and really just add the router in as a wireless facility;

* I have punched lots & lots of IP numbers in, both LAN and WAN, and have covered many possible combinations;

I realsie that it is probably me that is fault but what 'joe public' really needs is a simple set of instructions that says, for your particular kit, in very clear & specific terms:

1. Do this first;
2. Then this;
3. Change the IP address of KitA to x;
4. Change the IP address of KitB to y;

In theory, I think the modem in 'modem mode' does not have an IP address; it is just a modem. But I have (I think) tried setting the modem to (and other numbers).

Maybe I was close in 'modem mode'; cos then the set wizard should work. The major problem was plugging my BT Internet details ([email protected], ad password) into the Router. These fields appear 'automatically' if I choose the PPPoE option, but the system still will not work. If I choose the 'Dynamic IP Address' option (which I THINK is the one I should choose for BT Broadband?), I can not find anywhere to slot in these settings.

I fear I am maybe just a basketcase and that, to configure this kit, you really need to work with computers or be a real enthusiast. Sadly, I'm neither.

If any one can provide me with a list of instructions, I will pay good money for that. Otherwise, I guess we just give up as a remote effort.
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By the way, I have also tried taking the power off both the modem (a common trick with NetGear (all?) modems), and the D-Link Router.

Coulterp, I did try to follow your instructions (and your cash10). But had trouble with the 3rd para - "On the LAN side..." - it would not allow me to use that number (invalid or something). I guess you might have meant instead. Anyway, I tried both.

Anyway, many thanks for your efforts, both of you.

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