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BT Broadband SetUp (ADSL Modem + Router)

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Have been a happy BT Yahoo! Broadband user, with my NetGear DM602.

I now want to add a wireless laptop connection and, to prepare, I have bought a D-Link DI-624+ Router to add into the system.

I have tried re-setting my modem to work in 'modem mode', but whenever I run the Router 'setup wizard', the system will not work.

The Router Internet Options are:

* Dynamic IP Address;
* Static IP Address:
* PPPoE;

I have tried all 4 options, but I am pretty sure I should be using the Dynamic IP Address option.

I am rather hopeless on such matters, but hopefully someone out there has got these 2 bits of kit to work alongside each other.

Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

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Having looked at the DM602 and DI-614+ documentation the first thing I think you'll find is that both devices default to the IP address You can't have both devices on the same IP address, in fact you're going to have to change the LAN sub-net of one or other of the devices altogether.

I also note from the DM602 documention that when it is used in modem-only mode page 5-11 of the manual states "Note: If you change the modem from Router Mode to Modem Mode, your computer must configured with a static IP address of, a Subnet Mask of, and a Gateway Address of to be able to connect to the modem’s built-in configuration pages."

Thus I would suggest changing the DI-624+ to have a static IP address of on it's WAN port, so that the DM602 can talk to it. On the LAN side of the DI-624+ I would change to an entirely different sub-net such as / or /, whereby the router has a LAN IP address of, say, (if the second of my examples isued) and it allocates IP addresses to the LAN as the DHCP server in the range -

I would also suggest you read something like the thread ( which, although it does not deal with the DI-624+, does describe some probs encountered by someone trying to use the DM602 in modem-only mode with a Netgear wireless router. Judging by the difficulty they had trying to get 2 pieces of Netgear kit to work together, you could have a struggle on your hands! :)
But at least get the kit on different sub-nets as then you will be able to address each by a unique IP address and access them via the IE GUI.
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To contact BT the modem has to use PPPoA (you'll find this is the UK ADSL norm).
Just pointing out that UK (BT provided) ADSL requires PPPoA (Point-to-Point Protocol over ATM) rather than PPPoE (Point-to-Point Protocol over Ethernet).
Likewise I'm sure.
Just pointing out that different parameters will be required entered if using PPPoA or PPPoE is used (certainly in the case on my DSL modem).
If the devices are both using the default IP address of that you are quite correct in saying you could not configure both devices at the same time. This is one of the reasons for getting them on different sub-nets.

I said "On the LAN side of the DI-624+ I would change to an entirely different sub-net such as /". By that I meant the router would have an address and the other devices on the LAN have addresses 192.168.1.x (where x is 2 to 254). Address is, as you discovered, not a valid address.

The Netgear can be reset to factory defaults by depressing the recessed button (on the back somewhere) for 10-15 seconds. I expect there is probably something similar on the D-link.
simpsod8 said:
sorry fellas, for the delay.

Anyway, I have pretty much given up on this; and will probably just go out and buy a combined ADSL Wireless Router. Any recommendations? (I can probably just take my D-Link DI 624+ back for a refund).
On re-reading. If you are thinking of returning the D-link DI 624+ for a refund and still want to add wireless .. then why not continue to use your DM602 as a modem/router and add a Wireless Access Point (WAP)? This will extend your wired network to wireless and should hopefully be less painful that trying to force the DM602 to be just a modem and shoe-horning in the D-link. The DM602 then gives you all the NAT and security features as before, handles your ADSL link and the WAP adds your wireless. With hindsight (!) probably a better solution than having two routers. There are, of course, as you say a couple of wireless ADSL modem/routers ... but as you've already got the DM602, seems a waste to ditch it.

Netgear produce a couple of WAPs (e.g. the WG602 54Mbps) which should hopefully be easier to link up to the DM602 (being from the same stable and all that). You'd use the DM602 more-or-less as factory configured for modem/router opreration and the WAP just plug into a LAN port, and should also work in near factory delivery default configuration.
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