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OS: Windows 98
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I have internet explorer 5.5 as my internet browser...and suddenly one day my msn messenger guy got added to my browser tool bar, it wasnt always there, so I dont know how it got there, but I liked it....but then I accidently set my aol messenger to be my default messenger and you guessed it, now I have the aim (aol messenger) guy in my browser toolbar, so I thought all I had to do was uncheck aol as default, but that doesnt do it, so I went to customize my toolbar in the ie browser but it doesnt even have the msn guy on the list, I looked all over the place for a way to set it back but cant find it, its really not a big deal, I dont care too much, but it bugs me alot when I cant figure stuff out!! Like how it got there in the first place if I cant get it back....any ideas???? :confused:
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True to form AOL nstant Messenger probably deleted a critical registry entry that allowed both icon to exist on the Toolbar. I had both icons on the IE Toolbar at one time.

If I were you I'd just delete the one that's there through the Customize option. If you find how to add one in the Customize List, let me know. I couldn't find the answer for you.
Thanks, I thought so, aol is always trying to control your computer, it is so annoying!!! No one told it to delete anything!! If we want them to be everything we will set them to be everything!! ugh!! Well I'll let you know if I figure anything out.:)
I cant find anything out, does anyone else have any ideas?????
I am running XP at the moment. So my registry entries may be slighty diferent frmm yours. The toolbar is created in the registry.

This Key:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Extensions\{FB5F1910-F110-11d2-BB9E-00C04F795683}

It is probably missing.

I am attaching a copy of mine from my Windows XP. It will be a text file. Download and name it Messenger.reg

Double click on Messenger.reg to enterthe information into the registry. I changed the icon to all color all the time. And I am not sure whether or not the icon locations are the same in the 98 version of the messenger toolbar.

So if someone running 98 would please check their Registry key against mine and post that would be perfect. I believe the Tooltip and menu text are different. Mine say Windows Messenger. I think in 98 they say MSN Messenger. I made those changes for you already. The icon locations are what I am questioning.


Mosiac- Here it is on W98SE-IE5.5SP2.


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Thanks Deke,
Just a change . I had MSN Messenger. IT uses just Plain Messenger in the tools Menu. No big deal. And the regular grayed out icon too. In my other file, I had both icons the same. Nothing Gray on the toolbar. Both version will work exactly the same. But for those who prefer the tools menu to say Messenger and the icon to be gray until you hover over it I am attaching a revised file. Rename it messenger.reg and double click to enter into the registry.


Mosaic 1--Thank you for all your help, I am a little wary about doing anything because I dont know very much, after I download what you sent me, and I doubleclick on it, is that all i have to do?? I dont even know how to access the registry. I cant even find it:( So just to be sure I dont mess anything up!!:eek: Please just put it all in baby terms for me:rolleyes: Sorry!! Thanks again!!
Download the last file I posted. Once it has been renamed with the .reg extension, double click on it. Answer yes when asked whether you want to enter the information into the registry.
Mosaic---thank you! I did exactly what you said...and this is the message I got: cannot import C:\windows\startm~1\instal~1\messen~1.reg: "The specified file is not a registry script you can import only registry files"

What is wrong?? I renamed it when the box comes up and says you are going to download....should i have renamed it after I downloaded it...or doesnt it matter???
Could be my XP formatting on that file. I changed the header but sometimes 98 has a problem. Try this. Copy the bold to Notepad. Save as Msgr.reg

Double click on Msgr.reg to enter into the registry. If you still have a problem after you do this, post back. I will boot to 98 tomorrow and export the file directly and upload it.


[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Extensions\{FB5F1910-F110-11d2-BB9E-00C04F795683}]
"Exec"="C:\\Program Files\\Messenger\\MSMSGS.EXE"
"Default Visible"="Yes"
"HotIcon"="C:\\Program Files\\Messenger\\MSMSGS.EXE,302"
"Icon"="C:\\Program Files\\Messenger\\MSMSGS.EXE,301"
"MenuText"= "Messenger"
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mosaic---thank you so much, i will do what you said, but please remember i am not so computer smart here:( so after i doubleclick on the Msgr.reg file to enter the registry, then what do i do? do i move the messenger.reg there???
was curious on what happened to the first text file and this is how it came through, see attachment.



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That's the Win XP Formatting problem. If you were to open that file in Wordpad it would look like a regular registry file. I should have exported, copied and pasted to Notepad and then uploaded that file.


Thanks for letting me know. That is good to know what the cause is and how to work around.

Mosaic---ok i did what you said, and it was entered into the registry but this is what happened......the word messenger appears on my list of things that i can add to the tool bar...but when i clicked on it it said: cannot find the file C:\program files\messenger\msmsgs.exe

i saved it exactly as you said...but i notice it says ms(m) not ms(n) is that what happened? ...i saved it as msgr.reg as you what????:confused:

also, not too important...but is that why the little msn man didnt show up like before? it just says the word messenger. Do you think it is because of the 'm' instead of 'n' ??? help!!!!
That's the name of the executable.

That error means the file is not there. The icon isn't there because the registry is looking for it in the same location and it is not being found. If you have Messenger installed, go to the start menu and find the shortcut. Right click on it and choose properties. Copy and paste the contents of the "Target Box"

I will make you a new file. You must not have Messenger installed in the usual place.
ok i will...thanks!!!:D
Mosaic---this is crazy, but there is nothing there, in target location it is all grayed out!!! Only reason i can think is because when I upgraded the messenger, it installed the new one and got rid of the old....I went to windows explorer and I found the messenger there, and the shortcut is in my programs menu but under properties it doesnt list the target!!

here is the info i have:
from windows explorer I get:
C:\Program Files\MSN Messenger

and i found the executable there: msmsgs.exe under C:\Program Files\MSN Messenger

I dont know the difference but there are 2 things in the folder: one has the "colored man icon" and is called MS-DOS name: MSNMSGR.EXE
and the other is just a "blue and white square icon" with MS-DOS name:MSMSGS.EXE

they are both at C:\Program Files\MSN Messenger
but the shortcut in my programs menu lists nothing for target!! how weird. well i hope this helps!!!

I cant figure it out!!:confused:
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