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Broken soundcard/driver caused fatal error

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Hi guys
I'm hoping you can help. I am running Win8 and recently changed my speaker/audio settings to a non default driver, GUI or something from memory. My computer then glitched and had a fatal error and I can't get it back up, this driver or soundcard is broken. I can't load Windows or SafeMode or restore a previous version as I have none saved. I did a check disk and everything came out fine though it said a recent software change caused a fatal error. So my idea was to use the Black Dos program which I can access to change the Audio Driver back to the default one and magically fix my computer so it can load up again. I tried taking out the actual soundcard though it's attached to the motherboard. I'm wondering if anyone knows the code or if it's even possible to change the sound settings via the black command screen?
If so I'd be eternally grateful
Thank you.
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Are you able to boot into safe mode?
Nope, it gets half way through then restarts. stuck in a restart loop.....
I should try it again, it has been doing a few different things....
Bump. Anyone have any info on if you can change the sound driver from the command screen? Anyone?? Tnx
You say you tried taking out the sound card but it was attached to the motherboard. Motherboard sound is usually located in the back of the PC directly soldered to the board. A card plugs into a pci pci-e slot and can be removed by either removing the screw that holds the metal mount and removing the card or in some cases OEM manufacturers have different ways to lock cards in place. If you have an HP or Dell PC search their site for your model numbers manual that would have instructions for adding or removing cards.

What happens if you unplug the speakers from the card so there is no output (headphones too)? Can you get into safe mode at least doing that?
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