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Broken Links Win2000

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Not sure what actually happened, I was removing the new virus (??automat??, swen?) and when norton corporate quarantined the file, no file links work anymore...
can't load any programs in the "program files" directory
can't view properties of the "My Computer" icon
It says it can't find the file, but I can see it. When I try to view the properties of "My Computer" I get "Access to the file, path, is denied."
Winmgmts.exe is using all processor resources...
Did it delete something on it's way out?? Registry??
Thanks in Advance
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What version of Norton are you using? Current virus patterns?

Older versions of Norton (2002 specifically) seem to have a number of issues when running on XP.

It does sound like your virus(?); worm(?) damages some areas of your registry.

Have you attempted to sign on with Administrator user id and password?

For example, user ids without Admin or Power User authority usually can't get to the "My Computer" properties - specifically "Hardware". The same issues arise for "missing files"; and denial of access.

It almost sounds like it scrambled your profile, and the links it maintains between "you" and your files.
I am using the administrator. It does SOUND like it scrambled something eh? What I don't know is, where are these links... and how do I fix it.
Oh, it's Norton corporate, running on 2000
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