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Brand new GPU code 43

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I just bought a brand new XFX Radeon 6750 XT. After recieiving it and install I quickly ran into a code 43 error. I tried everything I could find until I ultimately replaced it for another one thinking it was a hardware issue. I have spent over two days trying to get the replacement graphics card to work. I have tried everything that I can find and nothing seems to fix the issue. I have used DDU. I have updated the BIOS on my GPU as well as MoBo. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling drivers multiple times different ways. I have tried unplugging it and plugging it back in. I've tried taking RAM sticks out. I've unplugged USB and RGB things as well in case it was a power issue. The GPU has power (as in the fans spin and it runs) but no display for HDMI and gives me a Code 43 after reboot. Every. Single. Time. I'm open to any other suggestions to try and get this to work properly.

PC specs:
I7 9700k
850W PSU
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I think that card has a led by the power connections is it red
RED indicates power problem
BLUE indicates OK

The card requires TWO 8 pin
are these connected

Are you sure you have the correct cable from the PSU connected to the supplementary power foir the card

The code 43 does not necessarily indicate a driver problem - although it can be that

It could if it is a driver problem be cuased by your antivirus - if you are not using Windows provided security, preventing proper installation or even download of the driver. Disable your AV whilst downloading and installing the driver

Disable your AV whilst downlog and
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