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BPL: Broadband over Power Lines?

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O.K. What do you geniuses out there think about "BPL"? BPL being the proposal to offer broadband over standard power lines.

I've heard some complaints that it will interfere with ham radio and emergency transmissions. Also, that there are problems with privacy, and so on.

What is your verdict?
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Well, the privacy issue extends a bit beyond someone intercepting your internet communications by standing underneath a powerline and picking up stray signals.

Once it become common to transmit data over power lines, manufacturers will use such to have appliances signal back to the company. Paq already mentioned the electric company reading your meter by remote control. At first, it will be mundane stuff, such as when the washing machine is due for maintenance. But, I fear it will just be a matter of time before my toaster rats me out for smoking pot!
Eggy wrote: "I don't care about the technology, I simply want cheap, fast, efficient, stable, and secure computing. May the best system win."

You can't get out of your responsibilities as a citizen THAT easy!

Choices have to be made. Are you willing to surrender x amount of privacy for y amount of speed (or cheapness)?

Choices have to be made, and consequences have to be faced.
[Good movie to watch while deciding: Colossus: the Forbin Project :D

Reminds me of the Woody Allen joke:

He is on a modern talking elevator ("what floor please?") when the elevator stops and asks him:

"Are you the guy who beat up the toaster?" :)

It was my privilege to visit your fair city once upon a time (early 70's I think).

I thought the "tube" was great! The trains were cheap, fast, efficient, and seemed to pop you up right where you needed to go.

BUT. . .

When they go wrong, they go VERY wrong! I also remember a horrid night trying to get back from the theater on a rainy night.

The "tube" platform was packed (with no signs of the crowd diminishing) there were no cabs, . . . we wound up walking back to the hotel!

I don't have many details, but I heard that President Bush is pushing for universal broadband by 2007. I smell BPL!

Hate to contribute to an "off topic" topic, but I once bought several bottles of beer from various countries and spent the night drinking myself around the world!

One of my favorites was a Nowegian beer named "Ringnes". Anybody out there ever tried it?

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