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bottom right task bar

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I have windows 2000 proffesonal and i have lots of icons in my bottom right task bar(the one where the time is) i cant seem to delete them Please help me.

Sincerly, Liam
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I would go to control panel, task bar and start menu, the cusomise and delete from there

The "Bottom Right taskbar" as you call it is the System Tray and all the little icons in there are the programs running in the background.

You cannot delete them but you may disable each of the programs by Right clicking them and selecting "Close" or "Exit" from the pop up menu.

They will be back on the next reboot. To ensure that does not happen, you should open each of the programs and "uncheck" Start or load with Windows from its Options menu.

You may also disable them by

Start>>Run and then typing msconfig and clicking OK. Uncheck the program that you do not wish to load with Window in "Start" Tab and OK your way out of the dialogue box.

You may have to restart and get a warning but you should click on the "Do not remind again" option and those unchecked icons will be there no more.
For more informationon what you will see in the Startup tab of msconfig, take a look at
Thanks for the imput but when i treid going to run and typing msconfig it came up with an error saying "Cannot find the file 'msconfig' (or one of its components). Make sure the file name and path are correct and that all required libraries are avaible." Please help,

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