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I am running Windows Vista Ultimate 64
Start out with how it all happened.

I decided to encrypt my hard drive using PGP's whole disk encryption. Took about 4 1/2 hours and after it was done I decided to restart the machine to make sure that the process had worked.

After the first restart I get an error saying BOOTMGR is missing hit CTRL-ALT-DEL to restart. So the normal solution would be just to pop in the vista disk load Windows Recovery Environment and either hit repair or run a FIXMBR from the command console.

The problem though is that the PGP loader that prompts for the Password to "decrypt" the information comes AFTER the system checks/loads off a disk. So there is nothing the recovery environment can even do because the data is still encrypted.

So, whatever I have lost all my data no problem I had made a ghost of my whole disk only 2 days prior.

So the normal process now would be to format the drive and re-image using my ghost file. Well as I learned you can't just do that when your disk has been fully encrypted by PGP. Even if you format the drive using full/complete (not quick) the MBR and bootsec are not "accessible" because bootguard "locks" that portion of the disk.
even after total formatting, you will still see the bootguard splash

So the procedure from here is to format the drive, run a 3 pass disk wipe (i used gdisk32 to do this), then run a FIXMBR, then run 2 commands that unlock the disk (bootsect /n52 ALL /force, bootsect /n60 ALL /force) then rerun FIXMBR, then finally re-image the drive.

So I was able to do all of this, but I still am getting the error of BOOTMGR is missing! I have since run FIXMBR (says it was successful) FIXBOOT (says it was successful, and have used Partition Table Doctor to try the same (again saying its successful).

But I still get the FREAKING ERROR.

Does anyone have ANY other suggestions for this problem.

Please if you could provide any help at all I would seriously appreciate it!
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