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Booting windows from c prompt

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Here's a silly question.....but can anyone tell me how to load windows from the dos prompt, C:? I'm running windows 98. I'd just like to know the correct command to go from there to windows without restarting.
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Just enter win

you may need to enter it as c:\windows\win but that is usually not needed if correct path statements in msdos.sys are present.

exit may work as well. And ctrl-alt-del will always do it.
Does your computer boot up to the DOS prompt? Because that's another problem we can fix.

This explains the MSDOS.SYS file and how to edit it.

Make sure MSDOS.SYS has a line reading

Thanks for responding. No, it does not. It does boot to windows, however there have been times when I was working at the dos prompt, wanted to go to windows without booting from scratch, however, the old command that I was aware of, C: win does not work. I was just curious as to the proper command
Then did you check Rollin' Rog's comment? Do you literally type

C: win

For example

C:\Program Files\MSOffice>C: win

That won't work. It's either

C:\Program Files\MSOffice>win


C:\Program Files\MSOffice>c:\windows\win


C:\Program Files\MSOffice>exit

or press Ctrl-Alt-Del and end task the command prompt.
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