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Booting windows 10

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I am having issues booting windows 10 on my gaming pc. I had already installed it after having the same issue when I was finished building my pc the other day, then today it popped up a screen saying I needed to boot/reinstall windows. I would reinstall it but if I do, all of my data on my m.2 drives will be lost, is there anyway I can fix this without losing all of my data. I contacted windows support and they were super unhelpful.
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Plug your m2 drive into an enclosure box. Then plug it into another pc. Backup your data. Then plug in the next drive and do same. Then you can delete the partition that has Windows on it. Now you can reinstall Windows.
What if I were to remove my m.2 drives and try to install windows without them in and don't backup the saved data? Right now I can't tell if its my m.2 drives that are messed up or if windows just is getting lost somewhere and says it isn't there but I already installed it and it wasn't giving me issues, I was able to play games and do everything on it without problems
If your Windows drive is not on the m2 drives, then go ahead and remove them. Then re-install Windows on the HDD.

But as others say, any data worth keeping should be backed up.
I don't think that windows originally even saved on my m.2's but saved to my SSD. I'm going to try installing again without my m.2's in and see what happens. I hope this works because this has been a rollercoaster. My other pc that I moved everything from did not give me nearly as many issues
Let us know what happens after the install.
ok, it is installing right now to the SSD in the back of my pc. If I were to put my m.2's back into my pc after windows finishes downloading, do you think it will mess it up if windows was initially downloaded onto the m.2? Will I have to save and wipe the m.2's before reinstalling?
If you are unsure whether Windows was on the m2 drives, don't plug them back in. Plug them individually into another PC and see if there is a Windows folder in them. Then use Disk Management to erase that partition.
What would happen if I were to plug them in? I would most definitely plug them into a different pc/laptop if I had the enclosure box, but I do not right now. I didn't really want to wait but if its something I have to do so my pc doesn't get messed up then I will.
The problem is that if you have two drives, each with a Window folder, Windows will pick any one of the two to start up. And potentially mess up everything.
ya, I tried all night to fix everything. Even did the enclosure box, and bought new m.2's and put them in this morning and still nothing. The internet just would not pop up and the screen was completely different from what It looked like before. Took it in today to a pc shop so hopefully they will be able to fix it.
You must have downloaded MS Media Creation Tool for Windows 11.
I did download that, was I not supposed to?
There are two available, one for Windows 10, and one for Windows 11. Windows 11 just came out this month. Windows 11 can only work on machines from 2018 or newer.
Oh ya I did see that, was I supposed to download the 10 or 11 windows?
If your machine can run Windows 11, then go for that.
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