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booting up

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I need help!!
When I first turn on my computer before windows 98 appears there is a screen that comes up and says:

A device has been specified more than once in the SYSTEM.INI file
or a device specified in SYSEM.INI conflicts witha device which is being loaded by an MS-DOS device driver or application or a device loaded from the registry file. remove this and restart windows.

Duplicated device:vcd
press any key to conitune
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Try this first:

Write down the EXACT reference to the duplicate device (blahblahblah.vxd). Once you boot up Click Start->Run and type in Sysedit and click ok. Now highlight the window that says System.ini.

Look through the file for a reference to the file you wrote down. Place a semicolon (;) at the beginning of that line. Do a Save and see if that does it.

In most cases it will but I have come accross situations were the reference is actually in the registry and then you have to find that refence. Do the first suggestion though to see if that does it. I always hesitate a suggestion to mess with the registry.

Good luck.
I tried that and a white box come up and said:

An error has occurred in your Program to keep working anyway click Ignore and save work in a new file to quit this program click close

You will lose information you entered since your last save

close Ignore

then It won't let me ignore it so I had to hit close
then a message came up and said

This program has performed an illegal operation and will shut down

so what should I do next?
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Most of the VXD, system.ini errors at bootup can be eliminated by removing the appropriate key(s) from the registry.

Try this -

Start->Run->regedit [enter]

Navigate to this key -


In the right panel, check for the exact vxd(the one in the error message), delete that key, exit the registry editor. Restart the computer, does that help?
Thank you but still nothing done everything that u said but when i got to the folder that said VxD on it in the right box there was a
ab name (Default) Data (value not set)
Was the only thing in that box on right

any more suggestions?
I'm a dummie on these things
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