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Booting up my 7470

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Had to put in a new hard drive,Now when I put my 98 boot disk ,or my quick restore in ,It will go to where it says Compaq in the middle and memory size it upper left hand corner.It also has a big flashing light in the upper right hand corner.That is as far as it will go.What do I need.Or how can I get it to boot up to my 98 boot disk?
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Has the HD been partitioned and/or formatted yet?
Do you have a floppy boot disk? IF so, place the floppy in and then power up.
You should get an A:\> prompt.
Type in format c:

When formatting finishes remove the floppy and see if you can boot from the restore CD. If you can, it should start the re-install of Windows. IF not, we will have to get you a boot disk with CD support that you can use.
Since you are no stranger to building PCs, can you get into the BIOS? It sounds like you are getting hung up in the BIOS before you ever get top booting.

Also, Compaq and HP have hidden partitions, often the BIOS info (or at least part of it) is included there. And since this is a brand new HD the hidden Proprietary partition is missing.

Compaq and HP keep the cost down by excluding as much of the hardware as possible that is found in your more common clones and do as much as possible using software. IF you build PCs using hardware you have buy the parts over and over, If you can perform the function using software, you only have to write the software once. This is also why Compaq and HP PC's have much more going on in the background and a higher drain on both memory and resources, than say a home built or Dell or Gateway PC.

This is for an HP, but it may help.

Recovery for HP when the recovery disks don't work or after a format

Now that HP owns Compaq they may have something similar for Compaq

Hope that helps.
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1 - 4 of 8 Posts
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