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Bootconf.exe << What the hell is this

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Ive got this file on my C drive (not in System32 folder) and nortons antivirus tells me its a trojan. How can I get rid of it...
Please Help
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Just for information since TB is on top of the situation......

----------- Bootconf -------------
CoolWebSearch/BootConf: drops a user CSS file in the same way as DataNotary, but pointing at Also hijacks the home page and all search settings to point to coolwebsearch, and hacks the DNS Hosts file to redirect access of MSN address-bar search to The site names are obfuscated using URL-encoding (%XX) to make them difficult to read. A program bootconf.exe is set up to run on every startup, resetting the hijack. Finally is added to the Trusted Sites list, along with, whom coolwebsearch are also impersonating.

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PS: Coolweb is a nasty nasty so follow Top Banana's suggestions to the tee getting all bits off your system.
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