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Boot Priority List HELP!

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Hello, I'm looking to fix my computer from an automatic repair loop, on windows 8. It was a sudden crash, and was not able to get in. It will not allow me to get into safe mode. It also won't let me go use a restore point, because I never made one. When I try to insert media, or window disk thing, I don't even have a place to put it, no DVD/CD pocket/hole whatever you call it.
So boot priority, can you please tell me the list that it is supposed to be in?

1st Boot Device: Internal HDD Device
2nd Boot Device: USD Storage Device
3rd Boot Device: Internal ODD devices
4thBoot Device: USB floppy device
5th Boot Device: Onboard NIC device

Boot Mode : Legacy
Secure boot control: Disabled
Load legacy OPROM: Always

Here is the list of the choices for each boot device.
Internal HDD devices: ST1000LM024 HN-M101MBB
USB Storage Device
Internal ODD Devices
USB floppy device
Onboard NIC device

Please help! If you need to know anything more, please ask!


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Most BIOS' also have a boot menu which allows you to choose which device to boot from; but, you're going to need a bootable device (USB DVD drive, flash drive, etc.) for it to work.
I would connect the drive to a working PC and check the contents of the \Windows\System32\Config\Regbak folder to see if there is an older set of registry files which might work. If there are, backup the existing ones in Config, copy the ones from the regbak folder, and then try booting that.
Where can I obtain a bootable device? Can you link me to a video on how to connect a drive to a working PC and check the contacts.
If you are still running Windows 8.0, you may be in trouble; but, this toll will let you download official versions of Windows and Office:
Great, is there any way I can put that into a small USB?
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