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A few minutes ago, I got this bluescreen (on my Dell Inspiron 800 Windows 2000 Professional) :

***STOP: 0*00000001 (0*7FFDE010,1*00000002,0*000000001,0*BBA53A08)
***adress BBA53A08 base at BBA4C000, Datestamp
45710916 - lzx32.sys

Starts stocking the physical memory

The last line is a bit badly translated from Danish (Begynder lagring af den fysiske hukommelse) I suppose.

What does this mean? It had better not be a RAM-error, I just changed my RAM-stick recently. I'm going to make a few guesses out loud, since I'm trying to find out the 'language' of computer - lzx32.sys is the Sytem32-folder? I have really bad experiences with bluescreens, since the last ones ended up costing me a week of hard work and research, walking over half of the city with my notebook in my bag, and 100 Euro...
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