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Blue Screen when I use SETUP.EXE programs

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I'm running (very recently installed) WIN ME (This is a newly built (by me) computer) and I'm having difficulty installing hardware and software alike.

One Problem is that when I run a specific setup.exe program I get the blue screen of death and the message of error with :VWIN32(05) + 00000BF4 Error:04:0028 CO2A3DCC. I do not speaka this language, arrrg! It Happens every time.

Also (maybe related?): In the device manager I have an (!) next to my "VIA Tech 3038 PCI to USB universal host controller". It says it is either not working properly or does not have the correct driver. There are 4 of these total on my computer and this is the only one that is screwing up. It has all the same drivers as the other 3 but under properties it is the only one that it "harware version 130". The other 3 are "version 128". Hmmm. Went to the VIA site but no love, could find nothing really.

Any help and I will love you for ever!
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The Via 4in1 update should install all the correct drivers for those controllers, including an AGP driver, which may be an issue in the blue screen. Have you installed them?
Yea, I did that and It still has an issue...which makes me think it's not a driver issue. Wondering, is there anything I needed to do in the bios set up? This is a new ASUS A7V8X Motherboard and I did the Bios setup stuff outlined in the manual bt there was alot of other stuff that was over my head.
If not that, then I don't know what.....Any hlp at all, much appreciated!
You really shouldn't need to do anything more than accept the BIOS setups defaults. If the blue screen is happening only with a specific setup program, it could be corrupt. But is the setup being run from the hard drive or a CD-Rom? Sometimes copying to the hard drive makes a difference, and if you do it can usually be run from Safe Mode as well to eliminate any conflicts.

Also, when running an install from the CD-ROM it is occasionally necessary to disable (uncheck) DMA mode in the CD-Rom's Device Manager > Properties > Settings page.

Make sure any antivirus program you may have is disabled during an install as well. One thing you can do from "normal" windows, is end-task everything but Explorer and Systray.
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