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Blue Screen of Death

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Not sure of what is happening...
I haven't installed anything lately and this just started.
When I log on it first changes my theme...
My screen continuously starts glitching and flashing.
Of course right when I am in the middle of something it gives me the blue screen of death and reboots...

Also this is on a desktop PC

See photo below...

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The same thing was happening to me. I did a lot of reading on the Internet and saw that an anti-spyware program such as Malewarebytes might be causing this BSOD problem. I deleted Malwarebytes from my computer and no more BSOD problem. I've put Avast AV free on my computer
and it also contains a free anti-spyware program [or so it says]. I wonder if the two anti-spyware programs [Malwarebytes and Avast] conflicted with each other?
I run Malwarebytes Pro on four Windows 7 computers. None of them has experienced BSOD.

The item mentioned is mctkmd64.sys which is a bad driver.

Or malware.

I can't search now but I might be able to see what solutions are for resolving mctkmd64.sys
Magic Technology driver.
Check this support page to see if you can find an updated driver. Best to create a Restore point prior to updating drivers.
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