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blue sceen at start up

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i have windows 95
when i boot up a blue screen appears and it reads;
an exception oe has occurred at 0028:c3298ed1 in vxd--,
this was called from 0028:c3298ecf in vxd--.
it maybe possible to continue normally.
i press any key and my comp carries on to boot up and every thing is fine how can i stop this happening?
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Here's a link to a Microsoft article that should help:

If you need a hand interpreting it or help let us know.
Win95 may be trying to access/load a file that has been deleted or moved. You'd need to isolate it and fix it. Run msconfig.exe and look through the .ini folders. Be sure that the files being loaded really exist where they are supposed to be.
I know there is a .vxd patch/fix through Microsoft. Search for it in the Knowledge Base. While you are there, look for other articles using Win95 and vxd as search words.
Also look at article Q136255. It deals with just what you seem to have going on and tells how to fix it.

Are you using Norton Anti-Virus, or any other anti-virus software? If so, then it could be the cause of your problem. If you have Norton installed, try disabling auto-protect, or follow the instructions in the following article.

Even if you don't have an Anti-virus program, you might want to further investigate any applications that you have set to start-up automatically.

Good Luck
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