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Blue dot on left corner of desktop

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Hello everyone, I have a strange question about a tiny blue square on the very top left corner of my desktop. I dont have any idea what it is, but I dont like it!

Can anyone help me out?

I have posted a small (and not so clear) photo of it. It just really bugs me!


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does this display in windows only? or does this display in general as long as the monitor is powered on?
Well I think as soon as I turn on my computer its just there on my desktop. If i press the show desktop button it goes away, but if i pop up a window again I see it sitting there on my desktop :(
Well I was asking more if it was a problem that shows say, during the bootup process of the computer, or if it only shows when you get into windows.

From the sound of things, it is only when you get into windows, which means I am not sure on what the error could be. I would suggest uninstalling and installing new video drivers to start.
Thanks Ill try that. What I mostly worried about is if someone is hacking me or some program I have installed has spyware. Ill try what you suggested and get back with a reply tomorrow.
Well dont take my word as gold. That is just what I would do first is replace the drivers. I would wait around and see if someone else gives you a better answer. It certainly could be some form of malware.
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