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Blocking emails containing ""

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I am getting a lot of spam email where "" appears in the "From" field. I use the Office 365 Outlook app to manage my emails.

Outlook identifies these emails as having an invalid format and will not place these emails in the blocked list. Plus, these emails never uses the same address, so even if blocking can be established, it would be of no use.

Creating rules against the subject to permanently delete these emails do not work because Outlooks does not match the rules to the emails.

The email in question is a Gmail address. Google has no tools available to block these emails.

Conversations with Microsoft has proven no solutions.

I want to find a way to block these emails.
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Do they contain and words in the subject area that appears on all of them?
If so, use a rule to delete those.
Yes, I tried using words that has appeared in the subject line. The emails still appear.
Then you are NOT defining the rule correctly.

What are you typing in the "Subject Contains" area?
And is the correct email address listed that you want to be used when looking for these words?

Post a screen shot of your rule pane?
Here is a screen shot of the issue I am having.

Rectangle Font Screenshot Software Technology

The first entry in Rules and Alerts was one that I created this morning. Shortly its creation, I received a spam for what I am trying to block or permanently delete. Notice that this rule is against "sent to".

Let me ask this question, do rules only apply to emails going into the inbox? If this is the case, how can I point rules to other folders?

But the biggest question is these emails where emails. My internet search shows that there are plenty of people receiving these emails and they cannot do anything to block them. With all the concerns about security issues and hacks, it seems like no one is addressing emails. I would think there would be more focus on blocking spam emails then what is occurring.
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When looking at the Message properties, and scrolling through the travel of the email you will see the real path.
It appears that they are spoofing this address and outlook is not seeing it.

Are they all having "Mortgage Refinance Rates" or parts of these words in all of the subjects?
I cannot figure out how to determine a spoof email or how to look at a message property. The last thing I want to do is to open one of these emails. How does one look at the message's properties without opening the email? Is there a way to block spoofed emails?

I receive a large variety of subjects in my spams. Some of them sexual in nature.
Here is some of the subjects I have received this morning.

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Have you tried adding just the domain "" without the quotes to the Blocking list?
Your Rule above shows the full email address.
Yes I tried adding without the quotes. I only used the quotes for this post. I am sorry for the confusion.

I have tried setting up additional rules. The spam is getting around my rules. I am at a lost on how to block these emails. I am so frustrated that no one has a solution.
Why am I not receiving any response to my issues?
Then it just may be that different real addresses are spoofing this "" address and they are not getting blocked.
If one does NOT respond to any of these email, the just may stop, since the sender has not hit a good address.
If one responds, then the sender KNOWS they have a sucker on the line.
These emails are not stopping. I do not respond to these emails.

I am not reading any solution to my problem. So what I am taking out of all this is that there is no way to block spoofed emails. There is no way to block emails having any where it the emails. So, I am just stuck having to deal with these emails daily. Or, get a new email address and cancel my primary email address.

This next statement is a commentary. I do not understand why email providers cannot offer tools to stop spoofing emails when they arrive on their servers and before they are sent to their clients. I cannot see why a legitimate business or person would need to use spoofed emails. It would seem to me that blocking spoofed emails will cut down on the amount of identify thefts and hacking incidents.
Since you are using Outlook that is part of Office, with it open, go to the Junk drop down that is the ribbon bar.
There select Junk email Options
Then the Blocked sender tab
Click the "Add" button and then enter
And OK you self out.

You are not the only one that is being hit, if you do a Google on "" you will find several hits.
I have tried what you have suggest. It does not work. It may be cause does not appear in the From box. It appears in the To box. Junk mail apparently does not check the To box. (Am I correct about that?) Rules do not work. Nothing seems to work. No one has a solution.
You are correct, only the From box is checked, it would have helped if you had told us this up front.
What made you think that these were coming from

What is in the From box?
It my help if you were to post a screen shot of the header are of one of these emails?
Below is the screen shot of a typical spam I have been getting. Tell me how to block these emails. I cannot block by domain or email address because often Outlook says the email address is invalid. Plus, the address constantly changes. Notice where the appears. I get 20 to 30 of these emails a day and I cannot find a way to stop them.

Product Azure Rectangle Font Software

The thing I cannot understand that if Outlook can identify when an email address is invalid, why cannot Microsoft give there customers the ability to block emails where their address are invalid.
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Your attachment is way to small to read any of it, repost a much larger one?
You failed to mention that you are using SpamFighter. Those emails are in the SpamFighter folder so you're not actually "receiving" them. Looks like SpamFighter is doing its job. Just verify the contents of the spam folder to make sure nothing legitimate is being moved there by an overly aggressive filter and then delete the rest.
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