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I use Windows XP Home Edition, and I have Service Pack 2.

I get blank screens on certain web pages. It started after a McAfee technician had me register certain dll files. They were: scrrun.dll, msxml.dll, mshtml.dll, shdocvw.dll, browseui.dll, msjava.dll, urlmon.dll, actxprxy.dll (are these possibly for SP1 instead of SP2)

He had me do this because I was not able to re-install my McAfee tools due to some kind of Active X issue. Now instead of an Active X instruction screen I get a blank when I try to install McAfee. I also get blank screens at other places too, but not all.

I have run SpyBot and Adaware. They also had me do a DOS scan and no infected files were found.

I have allowed pop-ups. I have turned off the Microsoft firewall.

I experience the issue whether I use Internet Explorer or AOL.

I tried to re-install Service Pack 2, but I get blank screens in that process too.
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