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I have been very frustrated lately on trying to run games on my pc. I play for about 10min then all goes blank and all i hear is drrrr. i was wondering what this could be. would it have any relevance to overheating?(cpu temp usually at 110f) maybe when i play games, it gets hotter there for causing the computer to go blank.

recent games i can't play because of drrrrrrr

both these games were once working smoothly with now black screen, but recently they have been doing this allot.

games that work
>medieval2 :total war
>need for speed carbon

maybe this could be drivers(updated so plz don't waste a post if your going to recommend upgrading), past overclocking dmg, 2 years of constant gaming wearing the system down, or the games that i have. maybe even a virus or a registry problem.

Any help would be greatly appreciated and any posts at this point are greatly generous.

P.S. anybody know if the costco warrenty is changing??
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