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Ok guys, I have to start this, as there is no definitive answer to this problem:

Vista Business SP1, all updates done...
On startup, after the usual scroll bar, the black screen... with a mouse cursor... and it stays there for hours.:mad:
I have tried the following solutions:
1. Bring up task manager and manually run explorer... ctrl+alt+del or any other combination will not respond
2. Hit shift key to bring up sticky key dialog: yes, but there are no options except yes or not...
3. System restore: tried 3 or 4 dates, all the same...
4. Safe mode with command prompt to run msconfig: still the black screen, no safe mode, no command prompt...
5. Faulty event log: renamed the log directory, no effect.
6. Permissions on Rpc for Networking: done, no effect
7. Make sure the shell for the startup points to explorer.exe: changed in regedit (cmd under repair), no effect, after a couple of reboots it was still pointing to cmd.exe...
There are no new usb devices, no new hardware... this happened after a file open froze on the user of this pc...
I really need you ideas guys... I always solved strange problems with the combined brains on this forum... hope it will work this time also :p
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